The Alleged Sewer Werewolves of Minot

From Linda Godfrey.
Sounds interesting. Likely, almost obvious. Like we should have guessed this is how they move around in cities…

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scan_20170129 Image by Linda Godfrey copyright 2017 all rights reserved

About eight years ago I did something I always try very hard not to do: I lost a file on a possible upright canine case alleging there were werewolves roaming the sewers of Minot, North Dakota. I remember having been intrigued by the story and setting my printout of the report aside  to investigate further. Much to my chagrin, it then disappeared. It had somehow slipped between two file folders, but I only just discovered that the other day while arranging my office after a recent move. I was delighted to find it, and decided it was about time I posted the short account  in case someone else might know more.

I’d received the email February 24, 2008, from a man who claimed to be a law enforcement agent in North Dakota, and who wanted to stay anonymous for fear of affecting his…

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3 thoughts on “The Alleged Sewer Werewolves of Minot”

  1. Thank you for the email.the dogman i saw here in calgary was big as a moose,it would never get into a in calgary it is easier to move around unseen mostly because we have alot of trees and dark allies.i never travel into dark places at night.thank you.oh i read a news article about 2 months ago that sighting of wolves around banff township are becoming very frequent.wonder if this is dogman related? Alberta has a lot of mysterious cases of missing hunters,david paulides talked about this in his book.see ya later.

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