Happy New Year 2018!!!

I truly wish a very wonderful new year to all of you kind, sweet souls who have asked about me and given kind feedback both here and on my YouTube channel!!
I love you so much and you’ve really helped!! ❤

I know I’ve taken a very long time off but it was truly necessary. I do take an awfully long time to recover from things. I’m an HSP and an INFP

I have ordered a new mic that will hopefully be good when it comes some time in late January. It should at least be better than my super-ultra-professional cheap webcam with sock on I’ve been using so far, lol.
I intend to start doing vlogs again, and also give you a quick update about some things that have been going on here lately; UFO’s and a Dogman.
Hopefully the new vlog will begin in late January.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my page and my group on Facebook.
I know I haven’t been very active there lately either but I’ll try to better myself. And feel free to post relevant stuff there if you find something interesting.

I got a trial period at newspapers.com right now, so I’ve been looking for old Dogman reports or things that could be just that.
I found a few. One of them was this thing in Florida in 1969:

found on https://www.newspapers.com/

What’s most interesting is the leaving of rabbit skulls and that it looked like a large German Shepherd.
If it’s a DM, what is the significance of the rabbit skulls one wonders…

Well, I’m off for now.
Take care everyone and I hope to talk to you again soon!!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018!!!”

  1. Happy New Year! I’m so glad you coming back to youtube (and here of course, even doe I didn’t really check things out over here yet). Thanks for the update. Take care everyone.

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