The World

After the initial shock of the American presidential election outcome has somewhat subsided I feel the need to talk a little bit about what seems to be going on in the world.
No, I’m obviously not a Trump supporter, but that is actually beside the point.

There’s this wave that seems to be sweeping over the world nowadays, of people digging their heels in and refusing to fall in line anymore.
Here in Sweden the Sweden Democrats have surprisingly grown from nothingness to the second/ third largest party in just a few years. A party that I in no way support, yet I can see quite clearly the reasons for this happening.
It’s the same reasons Trump won the presidential election. The same reasons Putin is so wildly popular, not only in Russia but even in America.

Media and politicians

The media has been manipulating us for a long time. No longer are they independently reporting current events. There’s an agenda. We all know it and the disgruntlement and discontent is growing exponentially among the people of the world. We’re starting to feel like pawns, pieces on an enormous chessboard.
The professional politicians are another huge factor in this mess we’re currently in. For much too long they have been playing their own game while completely disregarding the public and our opinions. They have relied on the media to angle the news and thereby swaying us to fall in line and adopt the opinions they feed us.
Both the politicians and the media failed in picking up on the magnitude of the ever growing need to pull the emergency brake among us mere mortals. They thought they were omnipotent. They thought they had us eating out of the palm of their hand. They thought we  were powerless to resist.

But resist we have.
These events of late is nothing but a massive yanking on the emergency brake. It’s us saying STOP!


One of the biggest reasons for the current disgruntlement of the public is the refugee situation in the world today. The millions of people fleeing from absolute hell only to find themselves pawns in the games of the politicians.
Racist is the word de jour.
It’s what they call us when we try to raise the issues the sudden influx of people from another culture are actually causing. We’re racists. We don’t get to have an opinion.
This was their fail-safe method of keeping us down, keeping us in line.
The actual racists are actually not as plentiful as they would have us believe. It’s just a trick that keeps us quiet.
But quiet doesn’t mean content.



Stats for 2013
Stats for 2013

Here in Sweden the refugee crisis- because it really is a crisis-  has reached absolutely ridiculous proportions.
The stats to the left are for 2013, and it hasn’t slowed down since.
It’s so obvious that something completely seperate from humanitarianism is going on here.
Culture clash galore is happening. Politicians and a few actual racists make life hell for these new Swedes. The young immigrants rebel and there are now at least 55 so-called “no go zones” here where young immigrants have claimed the land as theirs, and where Swedes are not welcome. Ambulances and firetrucks are met with stone throwing in these areas.
Of course the media does everything it can to hide these facts.
Rapes and violent crimes are on the increase and even though mainstream politicians and media are trying their hardest to suppress the facts people do get it.
We know that everything is out of sync and we can no longer keep going like this.
You can’t import people from another culture en masse without having a goddamn plan!
I’m actually for immigration and multi culture, but I’m very disappointed with the left wing that I normally side with and how they have been handling things.
Irresponsibly! Arrogantly!

Critical Mass

The situation has reached critical mass in many places now. This is why people are now voting for Trump. This is why they like Putin. This is why they made the Sweden Democrats the single biggest party in Sweden!
So many things are wrong and we’re not getting any solutions. No answers. No explanations.
We feel like we’re living in the twilight zone and that our politicians are just pod people, taken over by God knows what!
Who the hell is running this world now??

If politicians still exist who actually want to fix the world, then give us the answers, the explanations and the solutions we ask for!
Don’t keep ignoring us. Listen to us and find the fixes!
I still believe it can be mended, the world, the situation we’re in, but it will take work. Actual work.
Working TOGETHER, not just working to  make your opponent look bad, which seems to be what today’s politics has been reduced to.
And while you’re at it, create a new form of democracy. A real democracy where people get to vote on ALL important matters, not just vote for someone to represent them for four years, because they never do represent us.
It’s 2016! It shouldn’t be so bloody hard to implement a safe system that would make this possible!
And also, America’s stupid electoral system really needs to go!
If the person getting the most votes doesn’t win then the system is obviously flawed!

Let’s at least TRY to fix the world!
We’re all people and neither one of us has more or less right to live in peace and be happy. We just can’t do it the way we have because that so obviously doesn’t work!

Alright. I’ve had my say for now.

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  1. This why you need to watch Eric dubay on youtube,open your mind,give him a chance,don’t his 200 proofs the earth is flat.believe me,I thought he was an idiot too.nasa faked the moon landing,why would it be surprising that they lied about the shape of our earth.Rising truth…..

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