Margit Sandemo

In the Nordic countries Margit Sandemo (born 1924) has been the best selling author since the 80’s. And to say that I have read her is the understatement of the century! I was in my early teens when I started and I still read her books all the time. I can’t be without them! And are there ever tons of them?! This woman is up there with Koontz and King when it comes to producing books. They tend to be historic, paranormal and there are unbelievably hot men in them! Wonderfully freaky, demonic looking men….. *losing self in fantasies*

Ulvhedin. Book #13

No, seriously now. The book series Legend of the Ice People is out in all Nordic languages plus German, Polish, Russian, Hungarian and English. Oh, ye lucky ones who haven’t read them yet! 47 books, 250 pages each. Full of wonderfulness! I have read them probably 50 times each by now. Yes, I know them by heart but and STILL they excite me!

The books start in the year 1581 when a young woman called Silje meets a man from a family she has only heard about in hushed voices by the fire on a winter’s night.
Tengel of the Ice People.
Said to be bred from the frost and the cold with hearts of ice, unable to love. And all of them have dangerous powers, dark magic that comes from their ancestor Tengel the evil making a deal with the devil.
Now this Tengel can’t be the same one, can it? That would make him over 500 years old…

The legend was that Tengel the evil summoned the Prince of Darkness and sold his soul to the Prince of Darkness. Tengel was promised earthly winnings if he sold out his descendants. One in every generation was to be born with the curse. Their signature was to be the yellow eyes, and they would possess magical powers.
One day, one would be born with greater paranormal abilities than the world had ever seen.
The curse was to stay in the family until they found the place where Tengel buried the cauldron he used to make the brew which summoned the devil.

Throughout the books we learn more about the curse. How it goes far deeper than anyone had thought, and how this family, the Ice People, suffer under it. But also how  they decide to reverse it and how they try to fight their evil ancestor.

Tengel and Silje are only the beginning. We get to follow this family all the way to 1960, when the final battle takes place.
Lots of historical events are made alive and real as we progress through the books. The author has no problem making you feel as if you are really there, living these events as they unfold.
Demons and even Lucifer himself begin to involve themselves with this family, but nothing is as you’d expect.
You should really, REALLY read this book series. Now! They exist as e-books! Get them! Amazon

After and during the Ice People series, Margit wrote several other books, which I’m not going to get into at the moment. I’m going to focus on the three book series that tie into each other. The next one being the The Warlock/ Häxmästaren.
This series has NOT been translated into English yet, but by the time you get through the Ice People ones it might have been so get reading!
This series begins at the end of the 17th century and follow only these two people, the warlock Mòri from Iceland and Tiril from Norway and later their children.
Unwillingly, they become involved with the search for the Holy Sun. Unfortunately, an evil order of knights are also after this Holy Sun and throughout their lives Mòri and Tiril keep having to deal with them.
The mystery of the Sun and why it must not fall into the hands of the order and what its true nature and purpose is will slowly be revealed and the answer is so much more fantastic than anyone could have anticipated at the beginning.
The author tells us about some of the lost worlds here on earth. Especially Lemuria, but Mu and Atlantis are mentioned as well.
She talks about the portals that exist all over the world, leading to other realms. Even in the Ice People she talks about Dimmuborgir on Iceland as the place Lucifer rises from.
But the portals of importance in this book series are the ones leading to…

The Realm of Light. The Legend of the Realm of Light, actually. The third book series.
This is the series that fuses the Ice People with the Warlock and his family. Even though they meet in the previous series, this is where it all comes together.
The Realm of light is a Utopia. In it the perfect balance has been struck between life’s troubles and its rewards. There are problems, but they are adventures, and even though the adventures are dangerous at times, the purpose and the companionship brings out the best in everyone.
In the Realm of light we meet the Strangers. They are tall, humanoids with black eyes, black hair and wisdom much superior to ours. They are what we call aliens. A benevolent race.
There are others, such as the Tyrants, but they are merely mentioned in passing and have nothing to do with the Realm of Light. The earth, however, is sometimes plagued by them.

Somehow, Margit Sandemo manages to tie factual events together with those science has yet to prove and arrive at an explanation that stirs the imagination in intensely stimulating ways.
As she herself writes on the inside of the cover to the first Realm of Light book:

Don’t believe everything you read!
But let your imagination believe it!
It lives its own life, parallel to the earthly one. The world of imagination can blow your mind open. 

I am so, so, SO grateful that Margit Sandemo was born to this world to write these books! There are no words to describe how much she has enriched my life!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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