Orbs and death to science

Orbs are, within the world of the paranormal, supposed spirits being caught on camera. They have absolutely nothing to do with dust, rain, bugs or anything like that. Orbs are spirits and they assume the shape of the orb because it’s a convienient way for a spirit to get around.
Sometimes faces can be seen in the orbs. Or a mandala. You know, those purdy psychodelic patterns that makes you think of India.


Thus, you can imagine my joy and surprise when I got a whole slew of orb pics the other day. And they were all taken outdoors. In the r̶a̶i̶n̶ gorgeous weather.
Orbs are spirits and the spirits were out in force that day!
I give you……… EXHIBIT A!


You can CLEARLY see the orbs surrounding this bush! There’s an especially large spirit in the upper right section. Let’s zoom in on that, shall we?

See? The spirits are among us!
And I’m getting a sinister feeling from that particular spirit. Could it be that it’s a demonic entity? Let’s zoom in more and see what we can find!

AAAAH! I was right! It is Zubublebub, the evilest of demons! (Really spell check? Evilest is a word? Had no idea…)
Zubublebub is obviously possessing this aronia bush so that anyone who eats its berries will suffer severe hair loss on their fingernails!
Oh curses! Oh pox from the 5th circle of hell! I shall banish thee with my rod of banishment! (picks up stick from ground and waves it about in a menacing looking manner)
Returneth thee to thy dark abode beforeth I runneth thy over witheth my bicycleth!
There. It’s over. I banished him good. It’s safe to eat the aronia berries now.
That will be 12 bazillion dollars and your first born, please.

I’m not sure if anyone has picked up on the subtle tones of sarcasm in this post so far?
This happens to be one of the ways I express pissed offedness (Oh spell check, that’s not a word you say, yeah well eat my #&*¤%)
People see shit everywhere now! I mean EVERYWHERE! And that’s not all! This shit is then published online and goes viral and pops up everywhere so everyone can see that this is what paranormal research really is! It’s SHIT!
It WAS drizzling when I took those pictures. The flash hit the droplets and presto! Orbs!
Before digital photography, did we hear about orbs? I mean AT ALL? No! It’s a new phenomenon that certain people have decided are spirits.
THEY ARE NOT SPIRITS! I guarantee that 99,9% at least of all orb photos are not spirits!
It doesn’t have to rain. I took some pics of a quiet river after dark some time ago when it wasn’t raining, and some of the pics came out full of orbs.
If it’s night time, that means humidity goes up, thus the air holds more water. Combine that with flash photography and you can catch just about anything on camera.
And don’t get me started on pareidolia! You know, how our eyes want to make sense of everything we see, so even if there is only a teeny likeness to something known, our eyes will interpret the vision as that known thing, or similar to the known thing, rather than just a random pattern.
People see what they want to see, simply put.
I’m going to post a few pics of “unexplained phenomena” I found at http://paranormal.about.com .
I know a certain other blogger already posted some of these pics but I’m the one who showed them to him because I wanted to discuss them so…yeah!

Obvious spirit activity? Or someone who couldn’t hold the camera still?
This is my answer, one of mine that I took of the super moon in May:

Not the steadiest touch there…
Now for some classic pareidolia:

Do you see the demon faces above? Yeah, me either…

The uploader claims there are THREE ghosts in this picture. And he/ she points them out so we can clearly see them.
Or not?

This one is called street angel….
I call it accidentally capturing the reflection of yourself in the window…

Here we have ghost faces in the window.
Or might it be just a reflection of a tree?

Don’t get me wrong people. I’m the one who believes in this stuff! I just hate when it’s cluttered up by trolls an disinformation and shit.
I’ll believe things a lot stranger than any of the above ones, if it’s real. That stuff up there= wishful thinking at best. Deliberate attempts at disinformation at worst.
For some reason I feel almost personally offended by this. People know that I’m highly interested in the fields of the paranormal. I don’t particularly like the fact that the stuff “normal” people might come into contact with, as far as the paranormal goes, is this.
I don’t have any particular desire to go around wearing a sign that says “No, this asinine nonsense is NOT what I am interested in. There is a whole other world that you haven’t even seen yet.”
Really, the field of parapsychology has become too broad, and too vague. It’s spread too thin and has lost it’s substance, so to speak.  Hoaxers and morons seem to be running the show.
This should never had been turned into mainstream entertainment. Every halfwit with a camera is doing their own (vastly scientific…) investigations now…
And the established ghost hunting shows that may have started out actually wanting to learn more about possible life after death are now tightly controlled by their networks who only care about ratings and money.
It sucks! It sucks! It sucks!

Is there truly nothing more to be gained here? Is there no way of steering the paranormal investigation world in a new direction, one that actually might have a future?
I know there are REAL places out there, REAL people who spend their days actually researching these things, but this is a post designed to bitch about the wrongs in this field.
I used to watch everything paranormal on TV, because everything was very little back then. Now we are flooded with paranormal shows and most of them suck, and I find myself having better things to do most of the time. Like wash my hair…


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