All these Morpheus wannabes (warning, contains political and crazy rant…)

“Come with me little girl and I will take you into my world full of wonders and mysteries.”
Yes, thanks, been there, done that. Got the t-shirt and the print faded in the laundry.
Why is it that as soon as a person becomes the slightest bit aware of the underlying reality of things they immediately envelope themselves in this aura of mystique and start speaking in a Yoda-esque manner? Like they are the first ones this has ever happened to. Like they have the key to all the mysteries in the universe.
They learn a few little things and suddenly they are Buddha and they want nothing more than to share their phenomenal insights with a slew of admiring disciples.

I met my Morpheus on the paranormal forum at a few years ago. I was interested in things he had to teach, no doubt. He was a hyper-intelligent person with a very different view on things. So far I had read, and read and read, everything weird I could find and I was stuck. I needed a new perspective and did he ever offer that! This time in my life was incredibly cool! Walls I never knew existed came down and my horizon spread further than I knew that it could.
Some things blew my mind, but after a while I began to realize that this too, was ending. There were limits still remaining after my mind had been thoroughly blown, and frustrated I began to realize that it will never be enough. There is no other person on this earth that can teach you all you want to know. I kind of feel bad about this but if you want to keep expanding your mind, you need to move from person to person and suck out what you can get. I don’t mean use people and then throw them away, I just mean that unless you have gotten so far that you are able to connect yourself to the collective and suck your knowledge directly from that, then you can’t settle for getting your lessons from just one person. That’s what’s so cool about people! Each and every one has their own unique perspective.

But then there’s Tila Tequila…

A person famous for…uhm…being Tila Tequila and having sex with an awful lot of men and women? A Morpheus wannabe of the most common form. Apparently someone has gone and unplugged her from the matrix and now she has wrapped herself in the cloak of mystery and is on a quest to enlighten the world.
And I’m not saying this is bad, by no means, I’m just saying that she’s not the only Morpheus wannabe out there, and the anti-NWO stuff most of them preach seem to me to be a sort of double agent thing. It’s always the same message, the NWO has taken over the media in general and the entertainment industry in particular. So, the disciples learn to stop listening to Lady Gaga but they still vote for Romney…

OK, did I say that? A Swedish person, right before election…
Well, it seems like I did, so lets go with it. Lady Gaga or Romney. Which is the lesser evil? Well, let’s see, Romney is a Republican which used to stand for upholding morality and decency and the American way. Lady Gaga is a whore that makes disturbing music.
That should be all we need to know, right?
Oh God, so incredibly wrong!
Who is Romney? Who votes republican? Is it the poor, the sick, the needy? Hardly! Today’s republicans are without a doubt the true Illuminati. The New World Order they are trying to usher in is one that will require massive ethnic and ethical cleansing, on a scale that will make all previous cleansings seem like quaint ideas. In this brave new world the citizens will be free of all genetic diseases, they will eat the best food, enjoy all luxuries. And quite possibly they will possess some form of immortality, at least in the future. Everyone will look great, be in shape. It will be clean, safe and rich.
Think this sounds like a Utopia? Well think again. The population of the world will shrink by at least nine tenths, I would assume. Viruses attacking anyone with defective genes will, and probably already has been created, maybe even spread. A few “lowlifes” will be allowed to live, someone has to do all the work, and if you are “lucky”, you are one of them. But don’t expect to experience the Utopia. It is highly unlikely that you should be better off genetically than 90% of the population. They want you now, sure, but don’t expect to mix with them in the future. Then you will be slaving on some island, far away from the elite and their cities of gold and marble.
The devil part of the NWO I’m not so sure about. It seems there are already enough diabolically gifted, greedy people with stone hearts in this world. What would they need the devil for? And there are more than enough ignoramuses to vote for them so…

Lady Gaga is an artist. She creates music which I’m not too familiar with, it’s not how I swing, but she also creates artsy videos. Or someone does. They may be upsetting to some, but that’s what art should do! It really should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

So, I’m not too impressed by Tila Tequila and her “vast knowledge” of the NWO. But I do however applaud her for taking her first steps outside the matrix. Keep it up Tila!
I wish there was a way to force feed red pills to people, but I suppose the NWO would be quick to lace them with “substandard gene killer-virus”…

So if you are choosing the lesser of two evils in this upcoming American election, go with Obama.
If you want to do one better, go independent.

If The Romney gets elected, I will have to believe that December 21 might hold some significance after all…


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