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Vlog Ep 3 Were is the Hyena


Aw shucks, the rapist turned into a baboon. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

So eh…
In Zimbabwe a man wanted for raping a minor just went to quite extreme lengths to avoid justice. He went and turned into a baboon.
Yes, the old baboon trick! They should have seen that coming!

Baboon doing its werewolf impression
Baboon doing its werewolf impersonation

Apparently the man had been running from the law for the past two months and when he allegedly returned to the Skuta area on December 2, the enraged villagers went angry mob on him and he locked himself up in his bedroom, pleading for his life and begging for forgiveness.
At some point some villagers managed to get their hands on the man and started dealing out justice, but members of the Neighborhood Watch Committee/ the police managed to stop the villagers from killing the man.
They brought the man with them, and this is when things get weird…
Somewhere on the way to the Filabusi Police Station the man is said to have turned into a baboon, sending the Neighborhood Watch Committee running for their lives.
The villagers were surprised to see the running policemen and even more so when they failed to stop them. The villagers followed the policemen to their homes, asked them separately, and all three of them told the same story.
They had been walking the man to the police station and suddenly they realized it was just the three of them there,  and a baboon…
Source: Zim Daily