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Vlog Ep.5 Wendigo



When looking for information on the Windigo/Wendigo one is first informed that it is a creature from Algonquian lore, which is correct and straight forward.
After that one is given a mish-mash of mythology and peculiar descriptions of a creature who is pretty much impossible to make heads or tails of:

It’s a cannibal.
It’s a spirit of the North with a heart of ice and taller than the pine trees.
It’s a half man, half caribou creature.
It’s an evil spirit, emaciated, pale, crawling on all fours.

From Wikipedia

Can it really be all those things?
Could it be that The Algonquian peoples, who once inhabited most of Eastern and Middle Canada, as well as parts of the Eastern and Middle US, actually had several legends describing several creatures?
Could it be that through the years and generations, bits have been added, others forgotten?
Could it maybe even be that this Windigo has been taking on traits of other mythological beings as the lines between legends have been blurred by time?

To address the cannibalistic trait one must first remember that to be a cannibal one has to eat ones own species. A man-eating lion is not a cannibal. A lion-eating lion would be.
For the Windigo to be cannibalistic, in the sense that it eats humans, it would have to be human in the first place.
Cannibalism was an enormous taboo with the Algonquian peoples, yet the cold and the lack of food would sometimes drive people to these hideous acts.
The only way to make sense of something so senseless would then be if they were affected by an unclean, evil spirit.

Nowadays we call it Windigo psychosis. The insatiable desire to consume human flesh, even when other food is available.
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Masterless tulpas?

I’m here, I’m here, I’m posting, see!
I’ve been busy with both cryptic and non-cryptic stuff.
Non-cryptic: I’ve been building houses and making patterns and uploaded them to TSR.
Cryptic: I’ve read a few books and a million things online and I’ve been listening to/ watching tons of podcasts/videos about dogmen and whatnot. I’m trying to put together a nice channel on YouTube for you guys to watch. For now look at/ listen to this playlist.

I’ve also thought of a new theory. Something that would tie the so-called fleshgait together with wendigo, skinwalkers and dogmen. Not bad, huh?
This is where you super materialists should stop reading because I don’t think the concept of dogman, skinwalker, wendigo and fleshgait can be explained scientifically yet. There’s too much dark energy and dark matter that we don’t yet understand, and what’s going on here, I believe, has something to do with that.
To a westerner, the concept of magic seems like make believe and fairy tales and it did to me as well. But the more I’ve read, and I read A LOT, there more I’ve come to believe that even though I may not understand it, at all, there really seems to be something going on here, something outside what science can explain.
I’m still not etching anything in stone and declaring it truth, I don’t think I will ever be that arrogant. It’s just an idea in my head, a possibly feeble attempt at making any kind of sense of  something so senseless. Continue reading Masterless tulpas?