Map temporarily disabled

Just wanted to let you know that access to the Dogman Sightings map has been temporarily disabled.
The reason for this is because a person, who I will not name, who runs a YouTube channel, I also will not name, has been using the map in a way I find rude and highly disrespectful.
He uses the map in many of his episodes to find stories.
Which is fine in principle. It’s meant to be a public tool.
But when you use someone else’s hard work, why not give them a shout out. Link to their pages, or at least to the map itself!
Isn’t that just common courtesy?

His channel is doing really well too and I’m not trying to sabotage him in any way.
The map was created to spread awareness about these creatures, not for prestige, fame or fortune.
But I worked incredibly hard on the map for five YEARS and I have to stand up for that!
16 hour days, day after day, year after year, googling, searching.
And now I’m using it for my YouTube channel, with credit to all the sites the stories are found at.
I don’t earn anything on any of this. I don’t ask for money from anyone.
I just want credit for my work.

Hopefully the map will be back up as usual within a week or so.


5 thoughts on “Map temporarily disabled”

  1. Heard about that, forgot were, that person did not like it either, said the same as you did: at least give credit. Well, I say the same and hope it gets solved in some way. Success.

  2. I’ve been away for a while – what vetting do you do to the stories/reports before you put them on the map?

      1. Also. I can never verify if a story is true. You just pick up certain patterns in descriptions after doing this for some time. People must judge for themselves what they believe.

  3. Your map and the whole concept for it is so cool! I’m happy to know places I should watch out for Dogman as I hope to never see one. You are performing an important service and raising awareness!

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