Dogman Sightings- Texas


2 thoughts on “Dogman Sightings- Texas”

  1. The story I heard about the father sending his son out to hunt deer, after the murder of his son the pain and grief was more than he could bear. He gave up everything he owned and went hunting for the creature. No one ever saw him again..

    I’m from San Antonio TX..
    There were sighting in the 70’s I believe, the sightings were or so rampant that law enforcement were called out on several occasions and also witnessed this creature walking long side the road. Officers were given silver bullets just in case. It happened in Converse Texas.
    I have yet to see one, but working as a Repo-man I’m all over the state in dark empty roads. I I can only say I have seen Shadows moving and seen things I can’t explain, but I just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Now I know better, maybe one could have been watching me waiting to catch me off guard. Could explain one night when I went to repossess a car and the owners dogs saw me, sniffed the air and ran and hid under the house without barking once.

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