TCH turns 4!

The Cloaked Hedgehog. Such a perfectly normal name…
And now it’s been around for over 4 years.

I started on Blogspot with a blog called Pieces of the puzzle, but quite soon moved to, where I’ve now been writing for 4 years.



Lately I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog.
Should I just continue the same way? Should I move to Should I move more towards a vlog? Should I maybe even quit altogether?
It’s hard to get readers when you write about things like Dogmen and you are 1. a woman, who is not Linda Godfrey, and are 2. Swedish.
I don’t have any schmexy first hand accounts to share. I don’t have any photos of footprints or blurry potential photos of the creature itself to share as I can’t just go out into the woods and find stuff like that since we really don’t have Dogmen in Sweden. At least not to any extent that would lead to people having sightings or finding tracks.
Instead I’ve offered what I can. History and background, theories, science mixed with an open mind. Ideas and speculations from my brilliant mind (cough…).

Where I grew up
Where I grew up

But just because I can’t go into the field/ woods and look for Dogman prints doesn’t mean I don’t go into the woods. I love the woods! I grew up smack in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of a little village. I played in the woods all day.
It was only the woods at night I feared, and I still do. I don’t know why exactly. I don’t know how many times I had to walk at night from the road through the woods down to our house after some choir practice or something. It never got easier. Ever.
And I’ve never been able to even look out a window at night. Windows should be covered completely as night falls!
Sometimes I think maybe I saw something very early in life, something I no longer remember. My feelings, behavior and my obsession with these things kind of speaks for that.
Maybe I should have some regression therapy?

Just doing what I’m doing, writing about Dogman and adding some thoughts and ideas, doesn’t seem to quite cut it.
Fact is, people want entertainment. They want photos and stories, the scarier the better.
I just want to know!
I want the truth, no matter what it looks like.
I’m quite aware that there are two camps in the Dogman community. One who sees Dogman as a misunderstood, benevolent being with vast intelligence and wisdom, and one who sees it as a demonic menace which should be eradicated.
I don’t belong to any of those camps. Or rather, I can see the point of both, but I feel I can see more as well.
It’s so easy to form an opinion, even if you don’t know much about a subject.
I don’t do easy.
I’ve done this for so long it’s a huge part of who I am now, and I still don’t have a firm opinion on the subject.
I think that is better.
Having an opinion doesn’t equal having knowledge and information.
I have knowledge and information, but not enough to form a solid opinion.
I think this ticks people off as well.
They want easy. They want black and white, not vague shades of grey.
I write about both sides of the spectrum as well as everything in between.
I don’t push an agenda, I just present facts and information and try to remain as balanced as possible.

I’ve started reading some encounters on YouTube, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s actually fun, as it’s a break from the constant typing, heh.
It takes a heck of a lot longer though than I thought it would. First the reading and the editing of that, since you always do something wrong or cough or yell at the cats to be quiet…
Once you have enough stories recorded you start adding music or sound effects.
I use Audacity. Not that I know what 90% of the functions do, but at least I can record and edit with it, as well as add the music.
Finally you record the intro and outro, add the music to those and put all the pieces together into one audio file.
Then comes the blasted making of the video…
I use Movie Maker. It’s not so bad, it’s just that when you add a photo, the longest you can make it is 30 seconds, meaning you’ll have to add the same photo a gazillion times for any decent length story…
Then you save the whole shebang as an mp4 file and start uploading the thing (takes hours with my lame connection).
Still, I’m doing this because, even though I prefer to read things, I know more and more we’re moving toward the video format. Every time you go to a news site there’s a video, and you’ll have to be lucky to find a little text as well.

Dogman is scary, no doubt, but since there are over 500 sightings where the witness has escaped unscathed we must conclude that it’s not, in fact, always out to get us.
We’ve also heard, from people such as Dark Waters, that sometimes Dogman will get into people’s homes and rip them to pieces.
I refuse to ignore either of these sides of Dogman, even if it means losing readers or even friends.
The killer Dogman has been put on the table, now it’s up to us to prove or disprove these events. Since we can’t at this point I’m going to mention  it as a possibility every now and then.
But there’s a huge danger in what I’m seeing in the Dogman community these days. The opinions, or more like agendas people push.
The question of whether Dogman is dangerous should remain open until we know more. Just because you or your friends escaped the Big City unharmed doesn’t mean your neighbors didn’t get robbed when they were there.
Meaning, we can’t categorically claim the Dogman is this or that, as everything points to them being individuals with differences in personality and behavior.

The Dogman is an enigma for sure. Sometimes I kind of get the feeling that they are waiting. Waiting for something, a signal of sorts. And when that comes…
But this is not fact. This is just a very unscientific feeling, or more like fear, I sometimes get, lol.

Anyway, if you have any though
ts on the future direction of The Cloaked Hedgehog, please comment below.
Should I change my name into something more “respectable”?
I have a feeling some people think I don’t know what I’m talking about because of the name…
What do you think of the format it’s in now? Are you a “reader” or would you prefer a vlog?
What do you think of the videos I made? Should I continue?
Should I make an ebook out of posts I’ve written here on this blog? Naturally coupled with some new material.
Any other ideas or opinions?

Today is Midsummer here in Sweden.
Traditionally the Midsummer night is when the veil between realms is the thinnest…
Happy Midsummer!!
Hudiktripp 055



2 thoughts on “TCH turns 4!”

  1. Hey, I just found this, don’t start changing things now.
    Having some distance between the subject and the researcher can sometimes give a clearer vision/oversight.
    You could expand your research to Trolls, there should still be some in Sweden….

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