Dogman Sightings- Maine


6 thoughts on “Dogman Sightings- Maine”

  1. Excellent, please continue. In this secular age discovering dogmen galloping about devouring some of us and wrecking the concept of reality for the rest of us can be quite unnerving.

    1. Thank you, I will! Gonna take some time to go over every state and country but I’ll get there, lol.
      And yes, the mere existence of Dogman is enough to shake apart all of our basic beliefs of this reality…

  2. The professional quality presentation of the meticulously detailed information regarding all things DoGMaN is unmatched.
    The entertainment factor is an obvious evolution and reward of your hard work to all of us who know human beings’ actual place in the food chain…and of course to anyone who can appreciate a good story.
    Mark my words – you will be considered a research pioneer in this growing DoGMaN field.
    Your intuitively navigated work is a springboard to other avenues (and other areas of the world) of research and has provided a welcoming anchor and ‘home base’ to those of us who sometimes lose our way and need to find HoMe.
    Thank you for sharing your labour of love and providing a sanctuary in our expanding, exciting…and absolutely terrifying…DoGMaN infested community.
    Sincerely and thankfully yours,
    The lean before the level —SiK—

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