Snap, crackle and pop

For some reason I never see this addressed. I can’t be the only one who have noticed?
The Dogman pops.
It crackles.
It snaps.
And it always seems to be connected to it’s ability to move from quadrupedal to bipedal motion.

In last night’s episode of Dogman Encounters Radio it came up again, starting at 19.40:

“It lurched back onto its rear legs, and then there were these two distinct popping sounds as it straightened up.”

In the Dogman Siege of Locket Ranch we hear, starting at 12.32:

“That night my father stepped out on the back porch for a smoke, and that was the first time that I saw the Dogman with my own eyes.
I was opening the porch door to bring my father some matches when I saw a large figure standing among the rows of corn in the field. The corn had begun to die and was turning brown and this massive grey figure stood out from the moonlight.
Charlie, the largest of all four dogs came flying by me through the open door, positioning himself between me and this grey figure which had to be 10 feet tall.
Initially it was not looking my way but the growl from Charlie caught its complete and total attention.
The moonlight seemed to reflect off its eyes as it turned to face Charlie giving them an amber-ish reflection. That allowed my mind to realize and come to terms with the fact that this was some kind of monster.
Then it stepped forward out of the cornfield and into the open. I still remember the way my dad said it: “Oh my f***ing goodness!”
What I saw was a giant wolf head. It was four times the size of Charlie’s head, and its snout was thick, wide and long. It had a fresh scar on its nostrils.
Then there was this popping noise, like the sound of a human joint crackling but way louder, and this animal was down on all fours in a split second.”


I’ve noticed the popping in several episodes on Dogman Encounters Radio. Naturally, being completely absorbed by the stories being told I’ve neglected to write down which ones has pops in them, and you can’t click Ctrl+ F and search for a word on a video…
I do however remember Khat Hansen talking about popping in episode 12, starting at 41.09:

“…and I looked at it and it did the strangest, most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
It kind of stretched and twisted halfway, like a dog does when it’s starting to shake, and then its leg kinda threw out to the side, its right leg in the back, and it started to stand on that leg. And then it kind of got all of its weight to the right side of itself and the other side kind of twisted, and then it started to stand up. And I swear, as it started to stand up…it grew… it really did, it grew! And popped! You could hear… popping, that were not supposed to be popping! I was so focused, I could see everything and hear it.”

This was just a small taste of Dogman witnesses talking about popping.

What are we dealing with here?
Could the Dogman be able to pop its hip joint out of one socket and move it to another to change its gait?

Hip joints in human and dog
Hip joints in human and dog

The evidence seems to speak for this, but how?
Hip dysplasia is quite common in dogs but it seems to lead to disabilities and pain, not give the ability to switch between quadrupedal and bipedal motion.
Also, the hip joint isn’t just resting in its socket, it’s held in place with ligaments and fat and whatnot.


Some people however are freakishly enough able to dislocate their shoulders at will and without pain. They do it kind of like a party trick and everyone is grossed out but fascinated.
This does not seem to involve any popping though, as it’s more a way of sliding the shoulder gently out of its socket.
And no, do not try this at home! Only some people are able to do this, it’s usually a side effect from a previous injury.
Should these people want to walk around on all fours on their dislocated shoulders though it would either pop back into the socket or the person would be in horrible pain.
Conclusion: Not what Dogman does.

But what then? I have never heard of an animal with two different hip sockets that they can switch between. Apes can go on both four and two legs, but their hips stay in place and they can’t walk as upright as a human, at least not for long.
If Dogman is an animal, which I don’t really believe, though it depends on your definition of an animal, then it would be completely unique in the animal kingdom with it’s ability to switch its joints around at will.

From now on, whenever you read or listen to a Dogman story, pay attention to the popping.
There has to be something to it, and whatever it is seems to be as enigmatic as everything else involving Dogman.


13 thoughts on “Snap, crackle and pop”

  1. I’ll try to keep track of this from now on.
    Since I’m still pretty new to crypto creatures in general I still have a tendency to get lost in the story themselves, but I know that I’ve heard in other accounts people talk about it because that scene in American Werewolf in London pops into my mind….even tho I know that’s it’s not tranforming from a human. It’s the sounds.
    I think you’re definitely onto something. 🙂

  2. Absolutely. Once again great observation and something that I have noticed as well…In episode 66 of DE, the one with the uncles who hunt down and kill a dogman, he says he hears the popping when his grandmother shoots the dogman from the car. A few others come to mind too, but I don’t know which ones offhand….so I’ll try to find some more examples.

  3. One more thing…This guy makes videos on youtube called The Dogman Files, and he uses your maps for like a lot of his videos. Without ever referencing your excellent map work. I left a comment because I would appreciate him at least crediting you for the super-hard, exhaustive map-making, just an FYI.

  4. Hi Angelo. Thank you for looking out for me, I really appreciate it!
    Yes, I listened to a few episodes of the Dogman Files and noticed that he talked about my map. At least he’s mentioning it, but yeah, it would be better if he linked to it as well.
    Still, as long as he’s not taking credit I’m happy. 🙂

  5. I thought it were the shoulders that popped but it could be the hips.

    Side note:
    As far as I know only Chimps can’t walk upright comfortably, because of their permanent bent knees. The rest of the apes can, Gibbons always walk on their hind legs, between one tree and the next. Walking is not the thing, humans are specialised long distance runners, with five toes in a row, big toe giving the last push.

  6. I have also noticed this popping “popping” up in various different accounts. I’m glad to know others are also curious.

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