The Big Bad Wolf?

I need to address a subject that I know a lot of people will have a hard time with.
Lately we’ve been hearing about these reports of killings of humans by one or more unknown canines.
The official explanation is that packs of stray dogs are killing these people, or, in the cases where the killing takes place in their homes, that their own pup turned against them.
In a few of the cases I’ve heard of I can say that I simply don’t have enough information to claim that the story is a cover, though in quite a number of cases the official story just doesn’t hold water.

For a long time the general view of Dogman in cryptozoological circles was that they probably didn’t kill. Sure, they’d scare the crap out of you, but once they had chased you out of an area they would return to their relatively peaceful existence.
Many still hold this belief and I respect it, but personally I have always been convinced that they are more dangerous than that.

Reports of relatively “peaceful” encounters with Dogman abound, and by peaceful I simply mean the witnesses lived to tell their story.
Few have reported the Dogman actually causing physical harm.
Many however have reported a feeling that their lives were in danger. Almost every witness perceived the Dogman as emanating malice, anger and sometimes pure evil.
It’s the eyes.
Those who didn’t see the eyes appear to be more positive in the description of the encounter and they seem much less traumatized by it.
Not being a witness myself (as far as I can remember at least) I have often wondered what those eyes look like. They can’t just look like animal eyes as I have never heard of anyone describing an animal as having “evil eyes”.
There must be something different about the eyes of a Dogman.

I don’t believe Dogmen are animals. I really don’t, but I respect that others do.
I don’t know what they are. I lean in certain directions but I’m open to everything I hear.
I don’t however buy into everything I hear immediately. I need to be able to verify a claim somehow, especially if it’s a fantastic one.

The Land Between the Lakes
The Land Between the Lakes

Up until very recently there was very little information pertaining to the question of whether Dogman kills people or not.
The killings in the Land Between the Lakes area in Kentucky in the 1980’s was pretty much the only known case, and since that story, written by a woman called Jan Thompson, reads like it could be fiction, or at the very least heavily embellished, it wasn’t much to base an opinion on.

As I mentioned earlier, a few weeks ago however, a man came on not one or two, but three episodes of Dogman Encounters Radio to talk about strange cases where people have been found brutally killed, some inside their homes, and where authorities have blamed it on “stray dogs”.
Said stray dogs had not been seen around the areas of the killings by anyone in most cases, nor were they found after.
In the instances where people were killed inside their homes, furniture and walls were found ripped to pieces.
The official story in these cases is a lot to swallow. Though you may be skeptical of the most conspiratorial of theories, it’s pretty obvious that something is being covered up in these cases.

Once these episodes of Dogman Encounters Radio (links at the end of the post) had aired it was a bit like opening a flood gate.
Suddenly people dared speak of incidents they had experienced or heard of. Incidents that speak of the Dogman as a cruel, vicious killer with no regard what so ever for human life.
Several cases I have heard of lately describe Dogmen as very ruthless creatures that if they are wronged in some way will stop at absolutely nothing to follow people to their homes and try to get inside and exert horrible revenge.
Most cases seem to involve a person shooting at a Dogman, deliberately or by accident, and later ending up paying the ultimate price.
It seems that if there is any way for the creature to get inside a house, be it through a doggy door or an unlocked back door, it will, and once it’s inside there’s very little that will stop it.

Another thing that points to the authorities being very aware of Dogmen and Bigfoots is the code words. Several times now, from people that seem to have nothing to do with each other, I’ve heard the terms “Black Dog” and “Black Cow” mentioned.
These terms are apparently used by law enforcement officers and government officials and refers to Dogman and Bigfoot.

Now, do we have enough information to say that Dogmen are ruthless killers that are out to get you?
Not really.
We can surmise that it has probably happened, and in quite a few cases too, but we also know about many hundreds of people who survived their ordeal without a scratch.
In most cases that we have heard about where Dogmen have gone PCP-crazy on someone, we also know that something generally preceded the attack.
Something was being done to the Dogman first. Either it was shot at or its habitat was encroached on.

maxresdefaultIn the Dogman Siege of Locket Ranch story over on Dark Waters’ YouTube-channel it seems to be a case of habitat encroachment. In most of the cases that Dogman Stories talk about someone has shot at the Dogman earlier. The same is true in this installation of Brenton Sawin Mysteries to Search.
Strangely, the cases of more or less confirmed attacks by Dogmen seem to take place mainly in Kentucky and some southern states. I have absolutely no idea why this is. Perhaps there are several types of Dogmen and that the southern ones are more aggressive?

Of the unknown canine attacks that were discussed on Dogman Encounters Radio, most seem to have been unprovoked.
However, we weren’t there and we can’t know the full story. We don’t even know if Dogman really was the culprit in all cases or any.
What we can say though is that if Dogmen do hunt people they are probably likely to go after the young, the very old or the impaired, so it might be a good idea to keep an extra eye on people like that and not leave them alone.

Judging from the Dogman’s appearance, it seems to have a heck of a lot of muscle mass, which would indicate high levels of testosterone. Testosterone in high levels have a tendency to cause aggression.
Muscle mass like that also means that it must have the bones to support the muscles, i.e. big, thick, sturdy bones.
Add to this several inches long, razor sharp claws and self-sharpening teeth and you have a formidable beast that you should really not mess with.

Don’t ever try to kill one of these creatures unless absolutely necessary for your survival. They are beyond hard to kill and they do seem to take quite the revenge if they are injured.
Do your very best to live in peace and harmony with them. Be respectful of them but try not to fear them. Fear and panic just always seems to lead to rash and unwise decisions being made.
We still have way too few actual facts about these creatures to be sure about the best way to deal with them.




2 thoughts on “The Big Bad Wolf?”

  1. The only wolf-like predatory animal that had self sharpening teeth that I could find online is the Hyaenodon. Sure it is supposed to be extinct. But, who knows. It also had a huge head, dog like legs, and a tail. I just wish I knew a paleontologist to share my pet theory with.

  2. Hyaenodon is one of my main suspects for the Beast of Gévaudan actually. Either that or possibly an Amphicyon, maybe ingens.
    If you take the head only, yes, I would say that could it could possibly be connected to Dogmen.
    The body seems all wrong though. The limbs, especially in the front, are much too short.
    But for the Beast of Gévaudan it would fit almost perfectly. (well, except for that little crux of its extinction…)

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