Sweden, wolves and Dogmen

By some immensely fortunate fluke Dogmen seem to be, at least as of right now, non-existent in Sweden.
Or are they?
Quite regularly I do search for a bunch of terms in Swedish. Upright wolf, wolf on two legs, strange creature in the woods etc. So far I have found nothing online indicating that Dogmen are in Sweden right now.
However, while searching for wolf attacks on sheep to see if I could find any discrepancies that might point me in a particular direction I did come across a peculiar case, which I will soon discuss.

karta-varg-skandinavien-juni-2015After having been as good as extinct in Sweden in the 1960’s, the current 415 wolves in Sweden seem to mainly hang around the Värmland, Västmanland, Södermanland, Uppland and Dalecarlia areas, as seen on the map on the left. Naturally, many of the attacks on sheep happen in this area.
Strangely though,there has been quite an increase in later years of wolf attacks around the Scania area, in the Southernmost part of Sweden.

Location of Scania
Location of Scania

Of course, wolves can wander far, still, it seems somewhat strange that little Scania alone is subjected to 30% of all wolf attacks on sheep.
There is a possibility though that some of the Scania attacks are actually by dogs.

Another strange coincidence is that Scania is the only Swedish province where Werewolves have allegedly been sighted in the 20th century.
No, of course I’m not saying the wolf attacks are actually Werewolves. I’m just saying that living that close to Continental Europe can have its drawbacks… 😛

Oskarshamn_kartaA bit further north in Sweden, on the east coast, is Oskarshamn. The strange attack on sheep that I mentioned earlier took place here in 2011.
A sheep farmer found 6 sheep attacked one morning. One was dead, five were wounded severely enough that they later had to be put down. The only thing remaining of the dead sheep was the skin.
Authorities who investigated the scene and the sheep came to the conclusion that one or more fighting dogs had been let loose in the pasture, judging by the very broad and powerful bite marks on the sheep. There was also a person present, a person who skinned one sheep with a knife and took the body with him.
This could of course be exactly what happened. I just reacted to the description because of my knowledge of Dogmen and how they have been known to skin their prey. They also seem to be equipped with razor sharp fangs and claws.
Vic Cundiff at Dogman Encounters Radio has a sightings report from Norway that also happened in 2011, and since wolves are known to wander it only seems logical that a Dogman would too.
Also, if I were a horrible person who would sic my dogs on sheep and steal them, why would I be standing around in the pasture skinning the animal? Not only do I risk discovery but it seems an intact body would be easier (and less messy) to transport as well.
Still, not moving in criminal circles I don’t know how people like that reason, if they do.

After finding that first strange attack I also came across a case in Urshult.
urshultUrshult is a small community further inland and south of Oskarshamn. Here a very pregnant sheep was attacked in 2012. The only thing left at the scene were two little lamb tails and the skeleton of the ewe. Since there was nothing else left at the scene, no wool, no blood, no guts or anything of that nature, the authorities deemed that the sheep must have been killed by humans with a knife.

åsedaIn 2011/ 2012 another sheep farmer in Åseda, roughly in between the other two places, had 20 ewes and 8 lambs stolen.
The remains of one of the sheep were found in the woods, 3 km from the farm. Only the head was left.

Are people responsible for these thefts/ kills? I can’t say. I can only say that they seem atypical and strange.

Going back to Scania and the stories of Werewolves. I remember reading some stories from Malmö a few years ago that also seem to have taken place in the early 1900’s. Naturally I can no longer find that site…
I did however find rumors of Werewolves roaming around the woods near Hyby Church in the 1920’s.

skåneIn Svedala in the early 1930’s a man was allegedly taking a shortcut through a cow pasture when he came across a dead cow. The cow was mutilated in a way that made him think of wolves, but wolves were non-existent in Scania at this time. Spooked he took off running, only to look back as he was a distance away to see a creature crouching by the cow.

In Trelleborg, pretty much as far south as you can get in Sweden, a man heard the horses neighing from the stables late one evening in the 1920’s. When the man entered the stables he saw what he described as a Werewolf in one of the stalls, but it quickly left when the man entered.
This man was considered reasonable and believable, and not prone to flights of fancy.

I know one day they will be here as well, the Dogmen, if they aren’t already.  I have actually wondered for some time now why they don’t seem to abound already. The climate and nature here is pretty much the same as that of the Great Lakes area.
Still, I’m thankful. Very very thankful for every day I go into the woods and don’t run into a Dogman! 🙂



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