Adjacent Phenomena

When researching the Dogman phenomenon one frequently comes across other phenomena that seem to at the very least relate to similar creatures.
Are they connected?
Who can say?
There are those that hold a firm belief that neither phenomenon has anything to do with the others. There are those who believe they are intimately connected, and others who are more or less on the fence.

I’m not saying anything for sure at this point because how can you really say anything for certain about a creature observed occasionally and usually only for a few seconds at a time?
You can’t claim for sure that a Dogman is a Dogman at all times. You may want to though, as in our culture the concept of shape shifting has been pretty much eradicated from our mind by the holy science, but that would be a mistake.

I’m NOT saying Dogmen are transformed humans, I just think we can’t discount that they are a shape shifting something.
Take thunder. Back in the good old days of the Norsemen, thunder was thought to be created by the wild rockstar-like god Thor banging his hammer into things.
Eventually science came up with a perhaps more plausible explanation involving electrical discharges.
What we call shape shifting now may one day be able to be explained in a scientific way, but as of right now we have no idea how it works (if it does) and therefore ascribe it all kinds of occult qualities, or flat out deny it.

I’ve said it a thousand times it feels like- science has not peaked. It hasn’t learned everything there is to know, not by a long shot.
For example, we still have no clue what dark energy is, even though it is 68.3% of the makeup of the universe.

Let’s look at a few phenomena that may or may not have something to do with Dogmen.


The European concept of the werewolf involves a human being who, by some kind of magical means, transforms into the shape of a wolf.
The means can be a curse, magical rites or the wearing of hides or belts made of animal pelt.
The curse version seems to be the favorite among Hollywood film makers. The curse can5897bd4877eeff5e5b6bdeaa3726729c_Werewolf_Roar-This_is_live_wallpaper_of_moving_werewolf_roar. come directly from a magically versed person, or it can be transmitted through a bite.
This version, to me, seems mostly fictional, but again- not etching anything in stone.
The pelt or belt beliefs were very common in actual folklore in the viking days and in medieval times in general. This form of “werewolfery” seems to involve two versions. In one the werewolf physically transformed and if it was shot one could find human belongings under the skin, such as clothes or jewelry.
In the other version the human body does not shift. Instead a kind of tulpa being is created and the practitioner then hides his body somewhere safe and places his mind/ consciousness into the tulpa.
This form of shape shifting is said to have been taught by Odin himself, and the viking berserkers and ulfhedins (bear warriors & wolf warriors) were said to shift in this way.
This version of shape shifting now leads us to the next phenomenon:


The Skinwalker term is most closely associated with the Navajo Native Americans, though the concept applies not only to all native tribes but to any shamanistic culture on earth.
It involves the shifting by magical means, most likely by means of a tulpa and not by human physical transformation.
The vital parts of the body, at the very least, are said to be hidden away while the shape shifting is in effect.
Dark magic is said to be necessary for this type of shape shifting, though I personally feel that the horrendous dark acts performed in order to gain this ability are not so much for the magic itself, but more for the mind to sever all ties to a normal human life and human behavior.
Shape shifting in Native cultures is not all bad and evil. Medicine men with good intentions can also do this it is said.

Loup Garou

These are Werewolves from France, but they are also the name for the Cajun Werewolf quite often seen in the Southern states.
Quite often you’ll also see them referred to as Rougarou.
As The New World was settled (or invaded depending on your point of view…), many French, Haitians and people from other French speaking nations came to settle in the South. They brought with them their beliefs in the Loup Garou and came to refer to the creature they witnessed as such.
Now whether the creature is a Werewolf or something that already was making its living in the swamps of the South we can’t say.

Black Dogs

This is a phenomenon I have not included in my map of Dogman sightings as I feel it’s too far removed from the typical Dogman encounter to be related.
That said, there might still be similarities and commonalities.
Black Shuck, Barghest, Church Grim, Hellhound, Gytrash…
0f8aa16bb1e25a67bfaad1023ae3ba86This being goes by many names, though its appearance seems quite consistent.
An enormous hound with wild, shaggy fur, jet black and with fiery red eyes.
It’s considered an omen of impending misfortune, usually death.
Generally considered a European phenomenon, though it also seems to appear in the New World.
This dog, or whatever it is, seems to always be on four legs, unlike the Dogman. It is also associated with a more spectral appearance, though it sometimes behaves as though fully physical.


This unknown creature is sometimes referred to as The Rake, even though The Rake is a fictional creature.
The Fleshgait however seems to be as real as any other cryptid.
This skinny humanoid creature is described as very pale, skinny and with abnormally long limbs.arttrade__the_rake_by_tehcheychibi-d4dhwl6
It seems to only be observed in wooded areas and occasionally in cemeteries and is said to be able to mimic human speech.
Its motives and origins remain unknown, though urban legends would have them attempting to “take over” or possess people in various scary scenarios.
What can probably be stated as true about the Fleshgaits though is that they seem to have a connection to Skinwalkers and possibly even to Dogmen.
I have previously written about the plights of a woman stalked by Skinwalkers, and how she would also observe these Fleshgait creatures in conjunction to her Skinwalker sightings.
There have also been cases where a Fleshgait-type creature has been observed actually morphing into what can only be described as a Dogman.
Such was the case of the creature of Mud Creek Road:

A couple driving saw something on the side of the road and stopped to observe:

The woman initially thought that a naked man was crawling on the side of the road. The driver decreased his speed, swerved his truck in the middle of the road and directed the high beams of his headlights towards the subject. The driver stopped about 30-40 feet away. They soon realized that this was not a person, but instead a creature that was crawling very low to the ground.

The creature then seemed to morph into something else:

The witnesses indicated that this creature appeared to be changing form. The driver said, “Its shape was nothing like when it was squatted”. The woman stated to me that it “shaped into another form.” She thought it was a dark brown color, and looked like a werewolf with a little back hair. She estimated that when it was leaping into the woods, she thought it stood about 9 feet tall. The woman while reluctant to say it said, “I think it was a man changing into a werewolf”.

Another example comes from a man in Wisconsin who in his eagerness to help what he assumed was an injured person happened upon a Fleshgait-like creature in the process of transforming into a Dogman-like one:

“All I could see was the branches of bushes and trees hitting me on the sides of the face, and scratching my arms.
Then I saw it. It was there, sitting down in the middle of an opening. A human figure. He then started moving fast, movement that I have never seen in a human, almost like spasms only faster, shakier. I realized it wasn’t a he, but an “it”.
It stood on its hind legs and I could see the outside of the body was hairless, like a human, whereas the inside was hairy, like an animal. It was silver hair, white. Its chest full of it. No sexual organs anywhere. The head started to take shape. It had two distinctive wolf-like ears and a long snout. Long canines showing on the sides, up and down, like a hog. The eyes were brown or black, very dark. It then growled and I have to admit I was freaked out by then.”

Dog-headed Men

A phenomenon as baffling as the aforementioned ones, if not more so, is the case of the Dog-headed men.
Though Dog-headed men have their place in history, then commonly referred to as the Cynocephali, there are modern day reports of actual men, wearing clothes, doing things only humans tend to do, such as drive a car, all the while having the head of a dog.
I cannot claim much knowledge about this phenomenon. Though it has popped up every now and then in my research it took me quite some time to realize this is actually something that is truly witnessed.
Initially it does seem to be something of a joke or people wearing a Halloween mask, though I’m no longer convinced that is the case.
If you want to read a discussion about this phenomenon you can find one here and here.

The Dogman itself

varisenWhat is the Dogman then? Does it fall into any of the categories above or is it its own phenomenon?
Most people will have a hard time considering any other possibility for the existence of the upright canid that is Dogman than a mutation. Evolution could possibly account for the emergence of upright walking dog-like creatures, though I personally am not leaning this way.
I will explain why.
First off, quite simply, Dogmen give witnesses a feeling of immense evil in most of the cases.
This I have seen explained away as a human reaction to the sudden realization that we are actually not at the top of the food chain.
But did we really think we were? Sure, we have guns and are able to take down all known predators out there, but take that weapon away and I think most of us know we are at the mercy of nature.
When an unarmed person runs into an angry bear or a lion, do they still feel like they are at the top of the food chain? Of course not.
Thus I believe most humans are humble enough to know that our physical selves are not apex predators.
This person in front of the bear or lion, will he/ she feel evil emanating from the predator?
I have rarely heard of anyone describing even the fiercest and most formidable of natural predators as evil.
A natural predator looking for food is following its basic impulses. It wants to eat. It’s not personal.
A Dogman however is claimed to give off a horrible feeling of malevolence, like it is immensely angry and wants to tear you limb from limb just because.
The reason I think we must consider shape shifting, skinwalking and werewolves, at least to some extent, is partly because of this evil.
Nature is not evil. It is what it is and if something happens to you in nature it’s because you failed to be properly prepared or respectful, not because nature is out to get you.
There is no evil like human evil.
Therefore there might somehow be a bit of human mixed in with the Dogman phenomenon.
Though we can’t even discount Dogman as coming from another dimension/ reality or even planet, and there’s no telling how evil relates to whatever place that might be.


Secondly I need to address the popping.
By the popping I’m referring to the very loud popping sound that a lot of witnesses have reported during a Dogman encounter.
It has been described a the sound of a large bone breaking with a pop, and it seems to come from the creature as it moves in certain ways.
Now this is truly baffling!
It’s hard not to think of the Hollywood Werewolf here and its skeleton breaking, stretching and re-shaping.
Most commonly the popping seems to happen as the creature somehow shifts its posture to go from quadrupedal to bipedal position.
It it somehow dislocating a joint, allowing it to switch positions?
Are its bones actually breaking because it is still in shape shifting mode?
It’s a highly strange phenomenon, one that is far from easy to explain or even understand.

Just like everything else when it comes to the concept of Dogman.




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