Dogman has a big BUT

Today I’m going to talk about Dogman for a change ūüėõ
About how Dogman has a big BUT. Not butt- but.

sighting1bWhen I grew up I heard about werewolves from somewhere, and it began.
I believe I might have been 5-6 when I first started reading everything. Facts and fiction, anything.
Granted, during the first few years it was hard to get my hands on anything substantial, but it got better.
I’m a Scorpio, I don’t do anything by halves, and I’m lucky enough to have a brain that very rarely forgets anything I read.
One thing lead to another and there’s barely anything within the world of THE¬†STRANGE that I haven’t studied at one time or another.
Through the years I’ve gone down many a trail I now rarely ever visit. Still, I have that knowledge with me and I think that can only be helpful.
I’ve done the whole ghost thing for many years, I did many of the New Age things before they became common. I even meddled in things I wouldn’t go near now, things like witchcraft and magic, but that was when I was young (around 15-16). I’m sure that can work fine for some and I’m not saying it’s evil, it just REALLY doesn’t fit me.
I’ve delved deep into astrology and numerology, I used tarot cards daily when I was around 20, until I had two very vivid visions of something that told me that this was not for me (which I already knew instinctively but I insisted because, well, I’m very stubborn in some ways).

Cue Linda Godfrey

I mention all this to make it clear that my interest in Dogman is nothing new. Though I called them werewolves up until I heard of Linda Godfrey and her book The Beast of Bray Road.
Linda pretty much coined the term Dogman and has it ever caught on!
sighting2bWhat Linda did is actually ingenious. By calling the creature Dogman she created an opportunity, a place in which we actually get to discuss this topic. Had she called it by its historic name, werewolf, this would not have been possible.
The term werewolf has been tainted by horror stories and especially by Hollywood and people have been told for generations that werewolves don’t exist. The Dogman however was something new, and it was much easier for people to accept the possibility of the existence of¬†a creature like this when it got stripped of its ugly baggage.
From that time the term has spread like wildfire. Now we have several radio shows dealing with the subject, allowing witnesses to come forward and share their experiences and there are a slew of Facebook groups for people to weigh their opinions against the opinions of others and to learn, share and support.

All this is good. Amazing even. It is.


I’ve been a member of several of those Facebook groups, an admin in a few even, but I’ve started to withdraw.
NOT because there’s anything wrong with the groups or even the people in them, I want to make that clear. It’s me, I have issues.
One of those issues is that total separation between Dogmen and werewolves. People are free to speculate as to what the Dogman might actually be and they do. Some are sure.
Don’t ever be. Ever. This is an unknown and it won’t be known until it is, and until then nobody knows- that simple.
My point however is that it’s acceptable to speculate that a Dogman can be a whole number of things. Anything from Nephilim to Skinwalkers, ancient gods to genetically engineered lab creatures. Pretty much anything at all except…werewolves.
The one thing that is the absolute taboo in this field.
The one thing that can truly trigger the ridicule and even anger of others in this field is to so much as breath a word about werewolves.
Everyone is meticulous about explaining that if they happened to use the W-word, then they meant in appearance only. They swear themselves free and wash their hands of that word.
People point out that Dogmen are Dogmen 24/ 7.
One question:
How do you know?

While we are all encouraged to be open minded we are stigmatized for even looking in a certain direction. The very direction that used to be the only direction for thousands of years.
Werewolves are not new. They have been around in various forms since Antediluvian times. But we may not speak of them. Only of Dogmen.
Well what if they are werewolves?
Finding an alternative explanation hasn’t gone too well thus far. What if the reason for this is that Dogmen really are what has been labelled werewolves?
What makes me withdraw from the mainstream of this field is the absolute certainty¬†with which some people claim certain things. Such as the “fact” that Dogmen are always Dogmen.
How can anyone say that for sure? Has anyone studied a Dogman for more than a few minutes at a time?
They might be Dogmen at all times, it’s possible, but it’s an immense thing to claim with nothing at all to verify it.


sighting4I am not saying that Dogmen are werewolves. I think they are though. Everything speaks for it and nothing against it at this time.
I’m also not saying that werewolves shape shift. We don’t know that. That was an assumption made by people in the past but we have no way to verify that now. I’m also not saying that they don’t shape shift.
All I’m really saying is that we don’t know, but if we decide beforehand not to go down certain paths we will be very lucky if we ever arrive at Truth.

At this point in time all we know for sure about Dogmen is what they look like and a little bit of their behavior. That’s all.
It may not be sexy, but it’s the truth.
Furthermore, considering how long we have known about them and how little factual knowledge we have about them, we must concede that we will probably never know, at least not in our lifetime.
This is another reason I’ve begun to withdraw. My inquiring mind grows frustrated with the lack of facts and I realize that attempts¬†to study these¬†creatures may well lead to actual casualties, based on behavior these creatures have exhibited in the past.
It’s so incredibly not worth it.

I haven’t stopped being interested in the Dogman phenomenon though, and I can’t see that I ever will, and I won’t stop writing about it.

If anyone is wondering about the pics in this post they are from Google Earth and show areas where actual Dogman have been seen. Notice how incredibly dense the forests and the undergrowth is. I wonder why they seem to favor that type of terrain? It would be virtually impossible for us the traipse through there without at least a machete.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that Dogman does have a big BUT… ūüėõ



6 thoughts on “Dogman has a big BUT”

  1. First of all it’s “Butt” and second of all, you’re a terrible writer. Please find something else to occupy your time with.

    1. Let’s see what literature,.writing…works and etc you’ve offered the world lately Joe!
      Oh,..darn. what’s that?? You have none?! Then that makes you only another sad critic…lame,..and indeed someome in serious needs of your own advice,..LOL!: )

  2. It’s great to have an open mind. No one is certain what dogman is yet. I understand why most people shy away from werewolves. Those who have seen dogman (not me) want to be taken seriously; and polpular fiction has made werewolves into a big joke. It would be hilariously ironic if they turned out to be werewolves. Then it would be terrifying.
    I’ve got my own pet theory though. It’s based on an up close up discription of a dead dogman from podcast 66 from dogman encounters radio and many other sighting desriptions from the internet. One detail is decribed that may match up to a certain animal… The feature may be unique. I just don’t know any experts and no one has replied to my emails at other sights yet.

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