Sort of back and thinking of France

I’m around again. Not because I feel much better, I don’t. In some ways I feel worse. Apparently taking a break is not something I’m allowed since all kinds of hell broke loose when I tried.
Long story short; one of the kittens died on Christmas Eve at 7 weeks old, fading kitten syndrome, another one almost died a few weeks after but I fed her boiled water with teeny amounts of sugar and salt in for 24 hours or so and she bounced back.
Two days ago one of my older cats died of old age.
These are the heavy things.
In the annoying things pile we have a gazillion technical things not working as they should and the übergazillion things I’ve had to do to try to fix them.
During this “free time” I’ve been creating houses for The Sims Resource, but absolutely everything that could go wrong did. Murphy has been around a lot, and I mean A LOT! I can’t even go into detail since it frustrates me too much, lol.

French beasts

So anyway, I’m back, and a few things are on my mind nowadays.
One is, for some reason, the “man-eating wolves” that plagued (mostly) Southern France in the 18th century. The things that were “like wolves but they were not wolves”.
Being heavily into the study of Dogmen one might think that I’d deem these French “wolves” to actually have been Dogmen, but I don’t. They seem almost nothing like Dogmen based on their description.
However, they also don’t seem like any animal known today at all.
Elsewhere in France there have been many reports of strange wolves or werewolves at other times, but let’s focus on the 18th century ones in Southern France for now, because the description of the beast/beasts is very similar in those encounters.

franceLooking at this map we can see how the animal or animals were hanging around the Lyon area in 1754-56, then moved to the Dauphiné area in 1763, onward to the famous Gévaudan where they hung around between 1764 and 1770 with some excursions to Sarlat and Périgord in 1766, and finally they seem to have emigrated to Milan, Italy in 1792. Source: my Dogman map of Europe and other


In some of these places there was talk of two or more animals, even a pack sometimes.
The general description of the beasts was that they were about the size of a cow. They were wolf-like but witnesses were adamant that they were not wolves. The coat was described as reddish, sometimes light tan, with a dirty white belly and a black ridge along the back and possibly stripes on the flanks.
Its build was broad around the chest area and slim along the flanks. Its legs were quite short and skinny. One report claims the belly of the beast was hanging just off the ground. A pregnant beast maybe?
Its feet were large with vicious claws. It had a pointed snout with formidable teeth, and a big round head with ears kind of like a horse’s.
The jaws on the beast could open wide enough to actually seize a human head.
The tail was long and thick and said to be able to knock a man unconscious with one blow.

This description makes me think of two things, however weird it may sound- kangaroos and thylacines.
Yes, few kangaroos or thylacines were known to France in these days. It was actually around this time that Europeans began exploring Australia for the first time.
I think of kangaroos because of the shape of the head and the formidable tail, plus its ability to stand up, like the beasts in France were said to do sometimes.
I think of thylacine because of the dark stripes on its flanks and its ability to open its jaws very wide.
Other than that my mind finds it hard to conjure up an image of this French creature.
The size of a cow… What on earth is the size of a cow, wolf-like but not a wolf, reddish or tan colored, able to chew on a person’s head and strike them unconscious with its tail?


There doesn’t seem to be any way of solving this without going to extinct animals such as Amphicyon or Chasmaporthetes or something like that. It’s discouraging that these animals are said to have been extinct for at least the last 1-3 million years…

Feel free to comment on this post about any ideas or impressions you have regarding this French beast.

Another thing that’s on my mind is a report I got about the sighting of a strange beast in Arizona. It doesn’t seem to fit the description of either Skinwalker or Dogman, yet it is by no means a regular animal. It’s very interesting none the less and I will talk more about it at another time.


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