What we don’t see

So many creatures are reported by so many different individuals of the human population, but most sightings seem to be of something resembling a Bigfoot, a Dogman etc.
This post is not going to talk about what we see though. It’s time to talk about what we don’t see.

We have a tendency in this field to connect the modern cryptozoological sightings to ancient mythological creatures.
In the world of Dogman you often hear of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis being mentioned as some sort of reminder that these creatures have been around for a long time.
That’s all good and well, there might be a connection there.
Sometimes though I feel I must take on the role of the devil’s advocate in order to get to the core of a matter.
That core in this case is what we don’t see.
If Anubis was a Dogman, what happened to whatever races the other ancient Egyptian gods belonged to?
What happened to the race of Horus? Where are all the Hawkmen? (Not counting the ones in Flash Gordon…)
Where is the race of Sobek, the Crocodilemen?
Where are the descendants of Thoth, the Ibis Storkmen?
If we go to other mythologies we might ask why so few sightings of harpies are reported today.
Were are all the sirens? Where are the minotaurs?
Not to mention the Unicorns.

My point is this, that if we should consider some mythological beings, mustn’t we consider all?

There are a few sightings today of other mythological creatures. Every now and then you hear about centaurs and satyrs being sighted. Linda Godfrey just published a report of this type.
About this I just want to interject that Deermen and Goatmen, which seem very satyr-like, are very often associated with Skinwalkers.
Is it wrong of us then to associate modern sightings with their mythological counterparts? Are there really centaurs? Satyrs? Are Dogmen connected to Anubis?
One’s mind might consider whether in ancient times there really were more beings on this earth. Beings whose remains are yet to be discovered.

Australopithecus,Paranthropus,Homo erectus,Homo heidelbergensis,Homo neanderthalensis,H sapiens

If we go to humans, or rather the Homo genus, we know there were many, many that came before us. How long before is a creationist/ evolutionist debate I’m not going into at this time, but we know that throughout history many variations of Homo have existed.
We are Homo sapiens sapiens. Some consider Neanderthals to be a subspecies of Homo sapiens, but most consider them a different species, Homo neanderthalensis.
Denisovans, this newly discovered species, is interesting for many reasons. It belongs to the Homo genus and seems to be related to/ have interbred with both us and Neanderthals.
They were likely larger than both us and Neanderthals, based on the size of the finger bone, toe bone and teeth that have been found.

But what about all the other species of humanoid somethings reported throughout history? What about Cyclops, Cynocephalus  (which I’ve written about here) and Blemmyes?
The Cynocephalus race could be responsible for Dogman sightings I have myself suggested at one point. But could they really?
They were, in ancient texts, described as a race of a kind of people. A people that traded with others. A people that grew spices and sold them.
This seems like a very non-Dogman-like thing to do.
If Dogmen are not Cynocephalus, then what happened to that race?
Did they even exist in the first place?

In ancient texts these other species of humanoids are talked about, not in a fairy tale manner, but as proper reports of the wonders of the world.

Knowing mankind it’s easy to imagine that if these races and creatures ever existed we caused them to cease to do so.

Now, with quantum physics and other fun ideas around, we can consider that perhaps all of these strange and wonderful beings that we no longer see in our world weren’t strictly from our own dimension in the first place. They could have been visitors from another plane, even though we technically can’t explain how that might happen.
Perhaps they withdrew back to the realm from whence they came?

This post is not necessarily one that will give any answers. It’s more like a seed I’m planting, both in myself and in those who read it.
If we want the truth, are we wise connecting Dogmen to Anubis and the cynocephalus? Because there are similarities, does that mean it’s the same?
By connecting the different phenomena, are we deceiving ourselves? Could we be ascribing qualities to the Dogman that it doesn’t possess by doing this?
Very likely, yes.
By thinking Dogmen have the honor and morals of the god Anubis, by thinking they are a people of some fashion, that we can reason with, we may underestimate it, with perhaps deadly consequences.

Don’t assume anything!

Assumption is the mother of a f***-ups!


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