Humankind- a force for evil?

Cecil, the beautiful

Cecil the lion was shot by a Minnesota dentist and the world was in uproar. Cecil was a 13-year-old Southwest African lion who was a major attraction in the National Park in which he lived.
The dentist allegedly paid 50 000 USD to a local “professional hunter” to be able to shoot the lion.
They lured him out of the sanctuary and wounded him with an arrow. Then they tracked him for 40 hours before he was finally shot with a rifle, skinned and had his head removed as well as his tracking collar.

I can’t even write about my feelings on this subject, it wouldn’t be publishable. All I can say is that it makes me very angry and very sad.
And the worst part is that it in no way is a solitary case. That Cecil got all the headlines was only because he was the best known and most beloved animal in that National Park.

Of adult male lions that were tagged within the park 72% have been killed by people hunting for sport.
In 2013, 49 lion carcasses were exported from Zimbabwe as “trophies”.
Northern White Rhinoceros are practically extinct. There are FOUR (4) individuals left in the world!
The West African Black Rhino became extinct in 2011.
A century ago there were 100 000 tigers in Asia. Now only 3200 remain.
Elephants are poached for their tusks. In three years 100 000 elephants have been killed this way.

It’s as if telling the world that an animal is endangered only triggers these trophy hunters. The rarer the animal the more impressive the trophy.
But seriously. WHO is impressed by the stuffed head of a lion on a wall? How twisted is an individual who finds this exciting?
Ego, ego ego!

-The Dodo bird was hunted to extinction by humans in the 17th century.
-The Pyrenean Ibex went extinct due to humans in 2000.
-The last passenger pigeon “Martha” died in a zoo in 1914 after her entire species had been wiped out by humans.
-The Tasmanian tiger, the thylacine, most likely went extinct in 1936 when the last known specimen died.
-The Quagga, a subspecies of zebra, was hunted for its hide and the last individual died in a zoo in Amsterdam in 1883.
-Caribbean Monk Seals were overhunted by European explorers and declared extinct in 2008.
-The Sea Mink who was once living along the coast of New Brunswick and Maine was hunted to extinction in the second half of the 19th century for its fur.

I could go on but a pattern has already emerged.
Humans are worse for nature than any natural disaster.
Especially the Whites.

Ah! Did she really say that? Criticizing her own race?
Yes I know, some white supremacist a-holes will probably start sending me hate mail now, or worse, but it is the goddamn TRUTH!
Humans (especially Whites) seem plagued by a feeling of entitlement stemming from ancient times and the Abrahamic Religious books.
Humans were given “dominion” over everything here on earth, and most seem to unwisely have interpreted dominion as “right to exploit at will”.
The exploiters never talk about being responsible for the well-being of Earth, and sadly, especially in the capitalist parts of the world, this way of thinking has lead to humans now looking for a new Earth!
We have almost sucked out everything we can out of this one and now we need to move on to have a future…
We’re thinking of colonizing Mars. We found Kepler 452b, “Earth’s bigger, older cousin”, but luckily we can’t get to it, otherwise it would be in serious trouble.

A force for evil. Is that humankind?
It’s just getting worse all around.
The more you fight for good the stronger evil rises.
Everyone on this planet is at war now. Race vs. race, gender vs. gender, human vs. everything else.
Far-right movement increasing everywhere. Society getting colder as the Earth gets warmer.
The time is out of joint. Now more than ever.
What can I do about it?
I need to do something, but for every good thing I do evil and hatred seems to rise tenfold.

I don’t want to lose hope.
I love Earth!
I love nature in all its forms. I love every animal. I love the water, the air, the ground. I love stars. I love rain, sun, wind. I love trees, grass and the tiny, tiny flowers no one else seems to notice.

Bowing mushroom and microcosm Earth Photo: me
Bowing mushroom and microcosm Earth
Photo: me

I love the whole system that the Earth is. I love seasons.
I feel like I’m under siege. Like the Earth is.
I can’t see how it’s going to end well.
You can’t ever exterminate the greed, jealousy and the other lowest human instincts. And even IF people wise up with age, what does it matter? People live only a short time, then a new generation takes over and does the same thing all the previous generations did.
Humans do not evolve. If anything we seem to devolve.
We have fancier cars and fancier surroundings now but we’re still grunting cave men at heart.

This is a pointless post, I know. If you point out the wrongs you should offer an alternative, but how can I?
Sure, there’s an alternative: Live like the Aboriginal peoples.
Take only what you need. Give back. Live in harmony.
But I can’t see that ever happening 😦


3 thoughts on “Humankind- a force for evil?”

  1. You have a humble spirit, and that is a rare quality among humans these days, and you are right, humans are very destructive and reckless. It gave me a great deal of encouragement to read your comments. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. Your words are just as bold as your heart is just. I commend you for saying something that few would have the courage to say. Zay wolf.

    I’m on Google plus. Stop by sometime. Peace.

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