The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 2

The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 1


“I have Native American heritage, but since no one in my family was Navajo and never registered with the tribe, I didn’t have a full on Native American up bringing. My grandmother was Cherokee. Half and half German.

I grew up with a lot of lore, but my mother never talked about skinwalkers.
And yes, something like a skinwalker exists in almost every tribe.
When it came out she just called them cannibals. So she had some inkling what they were.

So there we were. Living on this ranch two miles from paved roads, 24 miles from the Interstate and 34 miles from civilization.
My friend told me to burn sage.
At the time I was a Christian and was pretty faithful. I was unsure about this so I prayed. Prayer would make the things back off, but it didn’t make them leave. It was like they would just regroup and then come again from another angle.
I talked to my mother about burning sage and she looked at me point blank and told me her mother used to do that and that it was okay to do it.
So on a whim I bought a smudge stick and I prayed and I burned the sage and I asked for help.



Within the next few months people came out of the woodwork.
I was walking down the street in (redacted), Colorado and a woman stopped me. She said that she could see the curses that they were using. I laughed at her, nervously.
I took her card and asked the lady at the gem and mineral shop who she was, I have an addiction to crystals. She gave the woman a shining review and said that she was a good person. So I let her help me. I met a few other shamans and medicine people over the course of the next year.

During this time all of these people most of who didn’t know each other, all said the same thing. My family was doing this.
My two brothers and sister had perpetrated this curse. They had gone around to different tribes until they found and evil medicine man and paid them to kill me. But there is more to it than just that.

The skinwalkers attain their evil ways by doing three things:
Killing a loved one, eating the human flesh, and having sex with family.
When my father was still alive, my brother had someone in his bed that he was having sex with. In the morning when my son went upstairs the only person in his bed was his sister.

 I was told by all of them that my siblings wanted to become skinwalkers.

 I was also told that they had killed my father. 


The activity that was happening was in the middle of the night. We always kept the porch light on. Werewolf shaped figures would run past the window. We often heard what I called laughing coyotes. If you stood outside you could look up into the trees and see them looking back.
Day or night
I was under strict orders to not go outside at night, not ever. And to carry a gun with me at all times. The bullets were to be dipped in white ash. We took it a step further and had a local guy load us some shotgun shells with white ash in them.
I smeared cedar ash over my horses, cats, dogs, and us.
I collected cedar in the forest around the house and burned it. The skinwalkers would get angry when we burned it.


It was around this time that a female Bigfoot started to “talk” to me.
She said that she liked me and thought that I had done no wrong. She said that she would help me as much as she could. It was a strange conversation, all of it was psychic.
But I did see her on several occasions. She didn’t like the filthy skinwalkers.
She was the one that confirmed that it was my family, because she showed me a tree in a dream and the top cut off of it. Like a family tree. “They kill themselves and their future to kill you, and you still love them”, she said.
A few days after that I was out taking care of my horses and she was standing behind the same tree and she put her hand on the top of it and intently watched me. I just stared at her and she mentally told me they killed my father.
The coyotes started to howl and laugh, and she told me to go because I was not safe, and she walked towards the coyotes and I went home.
That night we could hear the bellowing screams of the Bigfoots and the screaming laughing coyotes all over the place. It was horrifying!

After that the activity got worse.
That was when we saw the rake-like creature sitting on the side of the road at night. Two miles of dirt road through the woods to get to the house.
It was sitting on an old stump. watched us go past it and then got up and walked across the road behind us.
I kept sage and cedar and sweet grass in my car. I would light it often to keep them away from the car while I was driving.
A few nights later when driving the same part of the road, a coyote stepped out onto the road. I stopped because I didn’t want to hit something.
The coyote stood up, snarling at me, and when I got a good look at it the eyes were dead, like nothing was there, and there was a light behind it that was green.
The coyote thing started to walk towards the car and I nearly set the car on fire when I lit the cedar.


Something to note about the property. There were old bones everywhere. I mean you couldn’t walk a foot without finding one. Or ten.
They were not like fresh bones. They were white and bleached out. like old bones.
We picked them all up and put them in the fire pit and burned them. The next day they were back, or there were more of them.
I picked up the bones on a weekly basis.

Over the next month we kept seeing the rake-like thing walking around in the woods when we would drive in. It was only there at night, and after the first time, when it was sitting on the stump, we would only catch a glimpse of it here and there.
Constantly there were these things watching from the trees around the ranch. It was like a little valley with hills around it.
At night you could clearly hear the drumming and singing, but it sounded far away and if you strained to listen to it, it would stop.

On the last night, when my friends showed up to do a ritual cleansing we were all outside at around sunset.
These things, the rake-like creatures, started to come out of the tree lines and staring at us.
Some of them had painted their skin with black bands.
The rake things are the skinwalkers.”

Luckily Tina no longer lives on that ranch. She has also had ceremonies performed for her protection and things are much better now.
Though people that helped her with her situation also felt the effects of the evil. One woman was pushed from a stool by unseen hands and still to this day suffer disabilities from the injuries she received. A bystander almost flew across the room.
In the town, next to the car on a clean parking lot, some of the women found a pile of bones. The same type of bones. One of the women with a medical background claimed that some of the bones around the property looked to be ribs from a child…
There were also signs that her mother may have been involved in all this horribleness as well. It was as if she was controlled by the others. Or as Tina puts it:
“With my mother it was like there were two people inside her didn’t know about each other”.

When asked she told me that her siblings were older than her and that they were jealous of her for having things easier than they did.
They never had a good relationship.Tina also says that “back in the day whole camps of Indians would be slaughtered for worshiping and having sings. They would gather and have spirit dances and things and the government would come in and slaughter them because they feared their power.”
She strongly believes there may be a connection between the sightings of Dogmen and of Native sacred sites.
Tina is a very spiritual person, raised Christian but now more of a Pagan.
Where she lives now she says that a few Dogmen hang out around her house and watch them. Sometimes they run past the windows or sniff them, but she says they are not threatening, not like the others.
These Dogmen have living eyes and leave tracks like those from a dog.
Tina believes they are harmless but she’s also not going to test that theory by going walking outside at night…This is merely a short synopsis of Tina’s story. Understand that this took place over many years and realize the cost to Tina.
She lost her father who was her best friend and loved her probably more than anyone else.
She not only lost her family but had to face and come to terms with the fact that they were actively trying to kill her.Tina today is a positive person who looks for the good in everything. She is strong. She manged to learn from this experience and evolve into an even better person.
She has no contact with her family. Her mother sometimes tries to contact Tina’s son and daughter-in-law but they never take her up on it.Tina has no real fears any more. She has been to hell, she spent years there,  what would scare her?


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