The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 1

I’m going to tell you an amazing story. It’s the story of a woman from Colorado, I will call her Tina, and it’s absolutely shocking.
It’s about Skinwalkers in Colorado and it tells a horrifying tale of what these creatures can really do.

I have previously addressed the concept of Dogmen and how I believe they are connected to Fleshgait sightings.
The Fleshgait is a creature I wrote about in A White Wight, New Cryptid on the Block, Masterless Tulpas and also in Windigo.
I do believe, especially now after hearing what Tina had to tell me, that there definitely is a connection.

However, I believe there is a difference between Dogman and Skinwalker. Though I’m quite convinced far more sightings of Dogman are actually of Skinwalkers than I previously thought.
Tina, believes that the Dogmen with “dead eyes” are in fact Skinwalkers, but the ones with living eyes are a different creature.

I also use the term Skinwalker since it’s a term most people have heard. The concept of skinwalking exists among many/ most tribes though under different names.

It’s important to note that skinwalking wasn’t always evil, and it still isn’t necessarily that in every case.
In the olden days Skinwalkers worked for the tribe’s benefit. In animal form they could sneak in or around enemy camps, finding out their plans, strategy etc.
They could also use their ability to go into animal form to follow and get close to prey animals.
Then something happened, and I do believe White Man is responsible for that through his treatment of the Native population.
The people who were once free, who only took from nature what they needed and who were always certain to give back, were shoved around, raped and murdered, stuffed into reservations, forced to adopt the White Man’s way without being privileged to the White Man’s rights.
What did White Man think was going to happen?
And why is he still doing it?

The feelings of injustice, of no hope, no future festered and grew. The once proud Native American would have to be inhumanely strong to avoid being caught in a web of the lowest human thoughts and feelings- bitterness, resentment, jealousy, greed…
Many have gone under and turned to the dark side…

The Fleshgait, the pale humanoid thing that creeps around and is generally creepy, has been seen in connection to a Dogman on a few occasions.
One comes from Stan Gordons page, the Creature of Mud Creek Road, and one is from Wisconsin:

“All I could see was the branches of bushes and trees hitting me on the sides of the face, and scratching my arms.
Then I saw it. It was there, sitting down in the middle of an opening. A human figure. He then started moving fast, movement that I have never seen in a human, almost like spasms only faster, shakier. I realized it wasn’t a he, but an “it”.
It stood on its hind legs and I could see the outside of the body was hairless, like a human, whereas the inside was hairy, like an animal. It was silver hair, white. Its chest full of it. No sexual organs anywhere. The head started to take shape. It had two distinctive wolf-like ears and a long snout. Long canines showing on the sides, up and down, like a hog. The eyes were brown or black, very dark. It then growled and I have to admit I was freaked out by then.”

Now onto Tina’s story. It’s a long and wild one so buckle up.

“The first time that we saw a Fleshgait it was me and my friend NN.  
He and I used to walk around town at all hours of the night. We were best friends and both considered outcasts socially.
The town was a small one about a mile across each way. The cemetery sat on a hill and we would often sit on the hill above the it. 

We were up in the highest road above the cemetery and heard something. That was when we saw the first one. It was walking around in the cemetery. We were trying to figure out what it was….for like a minute, then it kinda crouched down and looked at us and we ran.
It was tall like a man. I remember thinking that it looked like a tall elderly man because there was a lot of meat on the torso, though it was thin and trim looking, but the arms and legs seemed frail for the body. The entire body was pale white, like death, not a single hair anywhere.

When it looked at us was when it was really scary. The face had big eyes and the mouth was not evident. It could have been a person, but we knew it was not.
Its height was estimated at about 6-7 feet.

In school that next winter one of the boys that lived in the house nearest to the cemetery was telling the class that they had seen one in their house. It just appeared right in front of them.
They all talked about having a creepy, scary feeling before that. They ran out of the house and to one of the other boy’s houses. That was when I said that we had seen one and that we didn’t know what it was but that we had called it a grave monger because it was sort of shuffling around the graves in the cemetery.
I was laughed at for that. They thought the name was stupid.
Then they all started calling me a witch because we had been up by the cemetery. (Interjection by the Hedgehog: People always give me such a warm fuzzy feeling…)
That was back around 1985/ -86.

Years later my son came home. He was about 13-14 years old at the time. He told me he and his friends had seen something really strange and scary in the cemetery. I asked him to describe it and he explained the same thing.



That year my son and I moved out to a house near the river because I had a really good job and could afford it. When we were living in the house near (redacted) we started to have strange things happen in the house. I had no clue what was going on. I started to have horrible nightmares of a large werewolf stalking around the house at night. I wanted to call the police many times when things were happening outside, but in my nightmares the werewolf would kill the police and then let me know that it was my fault for calling them. Like they would be alive if I had not called them.

I will say that was the beginning of the skinwalkers, though I did not know it yet.
It was a conditioned nightmare.
The house was a 100 year old cabin built in 1913 and it was a heap of crap.
There were several fireplaces that had gone bad and been sealed over. The one that was still good was not functional. Things would come down that chimney and sit on the shelf and make noises. You could hear scratching on the brick walls where they had sealed the other fireplaces off.

One night I was awakened in the night by a feeling.
I lay there in bed and listened, hearing nothing, but knowing that something was not right.
That was the night I heard someone knock on the side of my house. I got up and slowly walked to the door and stood there listening. I peeked through the crack in the curtains and saw a man standing in the yard.
He was under a deer skin. Wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt.
He moved so fast it was mind boggling.
He ran behind a tree and I had to think about what I had just seen. Then while I watched him he ran to the gate, but instead of opening the gate and leaving he jumped the fence. The fence around the yard was 4 feet tall. The man stopped for a split second and then flat footed without effort he jumped the fence….and ran off into the night.

Over the next couple of months I lost everything. Both of my vehicles broke down. My job went away. I found another one, but had trouble keeping it. And wound up losing the house. I moved back in with my father who was suddenly diagnosed with Cancer.
Within 11 months of being diagnosed he died.

In the mean time my father had sold his house to one of my brothers.
My brother quickly kicked out our mother. My father was still alive and living in the house. My brother was supposed to be taking care of him. I was living in the house in the basement apartment. It was not a good time or situation.
I overheard so many conversations that my two brothers and my sister had that I was beginning to wonder what was going on. It was like they were playing a game and they were winning. But somehow it seemed that the prize was destroying my life and then killing me.
Jealousy and hatred.


After my father had died I found a little house out in the country.
We moved out there, and it was around that time that I had an old friend call me out of the blue.
She said that she had gone to her medicine man for something for herself and while he was working to help her he stopped and got this horrified look on his face and just stared at her. Then he asked her if she had any friends in Colorado. She said yes.
She had lived in Colorado for a few years but was currently in Arizona. She had a lot of friends in Colorado. The medicine man asked her to bring photos and she did. He picked me out of the photos and told her that I was in grave danger.
The skinwalkers were after me.”


The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 2


7 thoughts on “The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 1”

  1. Hi there, love your blog, the research and the thoughts that follow, have learned a lot — but I would caution against blaming an entire, nebulous mass of ‘White Man’ for all the evil arising among other cultures. I agree that negative forces feed on a demoralised people; butI doesn’t it do a disservice to indigenous folk to imagine that individuals have little or no role in their own choices for good or ill?
    Kinda like treating them like–children?
    Know you didn’t mean that! Appreciate your courage at presenting a personal view.

  2. Why do people always forget that the native Americans fought with each other, raped each other, enslaved each other, and stole each other’s lands long before the white man came along?

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