Dogman and ESP

Extra sensory perception.
What is it?
Well, it’s a collective name for perceiving something through one or more senses other than the usual five.
But do we really only have five regular senses? Is sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch all there is?
Well no.
Some neurologists claim we have nine senses, some say it’s more like 21.
Some senses fit within the boundaries of one of those five basic ones, such as touch, which also includes perception of pressure, heat and pain.
But then there are other recognized senses such as interoceptive Designs-should-have-balanceones, like  equilibrioception (balance, alignment, direction, acceleration, gravity), the organic sense (sense of internal condition such as hunger and thirst) and proprioception (perception of the position of body parts).

An interesting sense is one called magnetoception. It allows us to sense magnetic fields.
It can be used to get a sense of direction by picking up on the Earth’s magnetic field.
Birds have a particularly strong sense of magnetoception which allows them to migrate all across the world and still find their old nesting spots.
In humans this sense is not as strong though, and I personally think it even varies between individuals.

All senses can be higher or lower in individuals. When it comes to sight people definitely perceive the world differently.
Some have an impairment, some have eyes like a hawk. Some are color blind, some are tetrachromats.
Certain people with no sense of direction might actually be lacking in their magnetoception sense.
Drunk people tend to temporarily lose some of their proprioception sense and fail to close their eyes and touch their noses.

In the world of Dogman and people who have encountered it there have been discussions about ESP and how the creature seems to be able to be both physical and non-physical at the same time.
When it comes to ESP I have heard people talk about perceiving the Dogman in ways other than through the regular five senses.
Many talk about the creature sending them a message telepathically about not to talk about their sighting or else. Many talk about having a distinct gut feeling when these things are around and some even say they have been “sight-jacked”, as in them seeing through the eyes of the dogman and most likely vice versa.

Are these experiences really unexplainable?
When people have so many more senses than we have previously been taught, how can we possibly say what senses a dogman possesses?
What we perceive to be supernatural may simply be a sense we don’t possess.
The ability to move fast through rugged terrain in complete darkness, something both Bigfoots and dogmen have been said to do, may have something to do with night vision abilities, possibly in Bat_echolocationcombination with a type of echolocation, commonly seen in bats, whales and dolphins.
The claimed ability of Bigfoots and dogmen alike to vanish into thin air might be some unknown sense able to manipulate the electromagnetic field surrounding them, tuning them to a frequency below or above the visible spectrum.
The ability to sight-jack? Who knows? It might be an extension of that ability that allows them to communicate telepathically.

They do seem to have some kind of power to reach our minds.
I myself have experienced this.
I may not have seen one but I might have been near one.
I was just outside the house where I lived back in mid- late 90’s. I was looking at stars. I had my star chart, a flashlight and a pair of binoculars. I had no thoughts of any danger at all.
Suddenly though, I picked up this very strong feeling coming from a very specific direction. It was from this small grove just between the house I lived in and the neighbor’s house. There was a height difference, my house was higher up than the house next door and there was a plank fence in between.
I definitely sensed something was in that grove below the fence. Something very, very bad.
I felt it like a thousand needles on my skin and a horrible paralysis and heavy fear overcame me,  which seemed to be projected onto me by someone or something else.
I heard my own voice in my head (higher self?) say “Go inside, do not run”, twice.
Inside, after calming down a bit, about 10 minutes later, I opened the window and almost immediately heard  a godawful howl from the cemetery a block away.
The window was closed again really fast.

I have also felt them “in the ether” as I call it while studying this subject. I perceive it as “tentacles of energy” searching through the ether, searching for the one searching them…
The more I read and studied, the more I could perceive them coming closer. Sometimes I took breaks when I felt them coming too close.

While working on those maps of dogman sightings two years ago, things got really intense for a long time.
Months of reading about and mapping dogman reports for at least 16 hours a day.
I felt the “tentacles”, I ignored them, I wanted to finish the maps.
One day there was a connection made. I could feel it so distinctly.
Contact. They had found me.
Luckily I understand that they had only found me mentally. They still didn’t know where I physically was.
Yet, after this experience I have become more afraid of the dark.
I had some weird experiences with a mirror in my bedroom that I finally had to get rid of.
I don’t really dare look out a window at night any more. I sometimes force myself because I will not live in fear of them, but damn it’s hard now.
I trust my instincts even more nowadays and I try to hone them.
Instincts are senses too, we may just not have a name for all of them yet.
I’ve always said that supernatural is only that because science hasn’t named the real phenomenon yet. There is still more to discover. So incredibly much more.
But even today, many “supernatural” senses can be explained as a combination of many I wrote of above. Like the ability to pick up on fluctuations in a magnetic field, the human echo location sense etc.
Don’t go discounting something without researching it first.
Saying you don’t believe in the supernatural is like saying you don’t believe in anything science has yet to explain and name.
Give it time, science is slowed by many annoying factors, but it will get there!


4 thoughts on “Dogman and ESP”

  1. I have been wondering if continued research and interest in the paranormal/ cryptid issue gradually opens channels in the environment/ether which works reciprocally, entities on both side of the channel becoming increasingly aware of each other. This has to be separated from individual psychological derangement, making yourself anxious and frightened by too much involvement and therefore become more attuned to things that go bump in the night. Of course, the literature repeats that even single experiences increase future paranormal awareness and insight. I recently did a lot of reading, abduction, dogman, dimensional portals, evil spirit manifestations….. I started to feel uncomfortable, as if I wasn’t alone, as if something other was tracking my progress. I wondered why I do all this, whether it is a good idea to get involved, travel to the US to make links and explore. However, I don’t know if I can stop now. My curiosity is just too great and the thirst for truth. I may need to mentally coach myself slowly, to move forward slowly in gradations. i read your post with a sense of awe/dread/excitement and conclude that the only way forward is cautiously, with a clean and healthy spirit.

  2. I was talking to an academic at the coffee shop this morning. He has studied theology and philosophy. His opinion is that all these manifestations are demonic and dangerous. He reckoned one could read about it but should be careful not to be involved. I’ve always proceeded headlong but am wondering now about safeguards, checks and balances which could be instituted at an early stage as a protective strategy. After all, as you have implied, there is a substantial sinister side to this stuff.

  3. Tentacles of energy. That was shown to me in a dream. The dogmen have found where I live, but I reached out to them first. My journey continues. I’m not convinced that dogmen are evil. Things are not always as they seem, and you can’t always take the ugly side of something at face value until you discover what the real truth and purpose regarding dogmen is. Many say they are evil beings, ironic coming from a destructive species called humans. There is the possibility that dogmen are the gaurdians of nature and the entities that oversee the balances in life. If this were so, the dogmen would have to be so far above everything else in order to maintain balance and harmony among all living things. Who knows for sure what their purpose in life is, but if one is to learn and discover new things one must also have an open mind to possibilities that seem absurd. The deepest truths of reality are sometimes stranger than fiction. I have had several close encounters with dogmen, mainly audible encounters, and the uncanny way that they may reach out to you to make some kind of contact or communication. Have not seen one close up except for something very tall that ran past my house one night when I looked out the window. It has been said that dogmen may keep track of you, perhaps if they find you to be of interest or if you make them angry. My experiences have all been passive, and perhaps they are searching for particular kinds of individuals for whatever reason. Much to be discovered about life.

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