O Canada

I need your help!

I’ve always had a thing for Canada and Canadians. A lot of Canada looks like Sweden, nature-wise, and Canadians just seem so pleasant.
Not to mention the sheer number of very fine men that hail from Canada…. 😉

But what I need from you are dogman/ werewolf sightings.

You’ve seen my maps. (If you haven’t the Americas one is here.) Doesn’t it seem a tad peculiar that the sightings just pretty much end at the northern border of the US? Some sporadic dots here and there in Canada but nothing like it is in the US.

Why is that?
Is Canada werewolf-free?
Hardly. Just the other day I got a report of two sightings in the Montreal area.
I know the dogmen are in Canada too, they just don’t get reported as much.

I would actually guess that people in Canada are a bit like people are here in Sweden. They don’t talk about this sort of thing. They are down to earth, and toughened by the climate and general lifestyle up there and they handle things as they see fit. The last thing they need is for people to think they’re crazy, life is lonely enough as it is.

But dogmen/ werewolves are around. They have been for thousands of years, though they have been around a bit more than normal in the last few decades in the Americas.

I don’t know why that is, but by making a map of the sightings I’m hoping to uncover a pattern that will set me on the track leading to the truth.

I haven’t personally heard of dogmen/ werewolves attacking people. Nothing definite at least.
Others say they have, and in all fairness, if someone was attacked and killed by a dogman, who would know? The attack would look like just an animal attack, if there was anything at all left to find that is.

You can report your sightings anonymously if you want. I’m not here to disbelieve you, to point fingers or to in any way ridicule anyone. All I want is to get to the truth, to learn as much as I can so that I might possibly help people protect themselves from these things.

What I’ve learned so far from my maps is that the dogmen/ werewolves tend to prefer mountainous/ hilly terrain over plains. Failing to find that, there at least has to be forests, very dense forests with lots of undergrowth, the kind of forest you can see a yard into and then it’s just blocked. Failing to find that as well, a cornfield will do in a pinch.

In about 98% of sightings there is a meandering river nearby. They also like roads, crossroads, railroads and bridges a lot. And in certain cases cemeteries or military bases seem to draw them.
For some reason, areas of sightings also tend to have cracked asphalt on a lot of the roads nearby, but that might not have anything to do with anything, just something I’ve noticed since every sighting I hear of I go to street view in Google Earth. No, I don’t expect to find a dogman there, I just want to observe the surroundings.
Naturally it would help if I lived nearby so I could go to the place of the sighting, look for tracks, clues in any form, but I don’t, and so far no nice rich person has offered to sponsor me so Google Earth it is for now.

Help me Canada! I adore you, always have, and now I need you to tell me about the things you’ve seen. I won’t publish names under any circumstances. I just need the sighting and the circumstances around it so that I might better understand this phenomenon.

Naturally anyone not Canadian is warmly welcome to send in their sightings as well!


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