Some werewolf thoughts

I prefer to use the term werewolf to dogman, wolfman man-wolf etc. Simply because it means the same thing and it’s the original word.
Wer-wolf means literally man-wolf. I understand people use these newer terms as to not mix the cryptid up with traditional movie-type man-transforming-into-beast-things. But how is man-wolf better than werewolf? It means exactly the same thing, and it still conjures up that image of a mix of man and beast.
I’m just going to go ahead and say werewolf.
Now whether it’s an actual person transformed into a beast, some unknown entity from another dimension or something else I don’t know, but it exists. That much I can pretty much say for sure, even though I haven’t seen it myself. When you read as many eye witness reports as I do, and you start to pick up on patterns, it’s impossible to believe that all those hundreds of witnesses are making it up/ hallucinating.
So werewolves. Gnarly things, aren’t they?

For a long time I was sort of hoping that only a fraction of werewolf sightings were actually so-called skinwalkers.
And btw, skinwalker may be the English Navajo term for Yee Naaldlooshi, the evil witches capable of transforming into animals, but all shamanic tribes all across the world has this belief. The term for the evil witch varies though, but skinwalker is a word most people have heard of so I’m going to go with that.

As I said, I was hoping that most werewolf sightings would be something other than skinwalkers. The reason for this is that to be a skinwalker you have to be unimaginably evil and do unimaginably evil deeds.
Most people who have had a werewolf encounter speak of the feelings of evil coming from the creature. I sort of wanted this evil to be because the creature wasn’t local, that is wasn’t supposed to be here in our world. I didn’t want that evil to be human.
Alas I’m beginning to believe that more sightings than I previously thought may be of skinwalkers.

I was listening to Dogman Encounters episode 25, where a family has a sighting/ encounter with a werewolf while camping. There was one tiny detail that stood out to me. The sound of distant drumming had been heard before the sighting took place. This is oh so common in skinwalker encounter stories.
For a long time I leaned towards the Wisconsin & Michigan werewolves being whatever, but not skinwalkers. The skinwalker of the Navajo is known. People have heard about it. Wisconsin & Michigan don’t seem to have any native tribes known for this type of thing.
But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It just means people don’t talk about it.
Which by the way is extremely bad. The Navajo are also said not to want to talk about the skinwalkers as it’s said to attract them. But not talking about them gives them the freedom to roam the darkness and perform any evil deeds they want.
The right thing to do if you truly want to eradicate this evil is to shine a spotlight on them, expose them. Stop fearing them because that’s what gives them their power. The non-skinwalkers outnumber the skinwalkers. (at least I genuinely hope so…) There’s strength in numbers. Fight the evil!

The evil in humans is prevalent enough just watching the news nowadays. There are things like IS and Boko Haram and I can’t help wondering what sort of dark magic they are conjuring up with their horrendously evil doings.
It makes me so mad and frustrated that people so easily will choose to feed the evil, darker side that lives in us all.

A fellow blogger was presenting some interesting ideas as to the nature of werewolves in his post The Spirit of the Wolf.
He points out the Native American connection and how the werewolves people are seeing today may be either guardian spirits left by shamans in the past, or totem animals, which basically is the spirit of a species, like wolf.

Both of these ideas are intriguing and there may be a lot of truth in them. I’ve had the exact same thoughts in fact. But one thing prevents these ideas from being a catch-all explanation for werewolf sightings, and that thing is Great Britain.
Great Britain crushes any theory or idea I get.
Why? Because it’s an island. It’s right out there in the sea. There’s no physical connection between it and North America. Yet it has werewolves. And Bigfoots apparently, which is even more baffling in a way.
If most of the European mainland is werewolf- and Bigfoot-free, then why are they in Great Britain?
Sure shamanic rites have no doubt taken place on the British Isles, but the same can most certainly be said for the rest of Europe as well.

One thing I’ve annoyingly come to realize is that there are confusingly many Viking connections to werewolf sightings. At first you find the Native American ties and many times you’ll find that Vikings seem to have spent time in the area. Verifiable proof that Vikings have been to North America seem to pretty much only be the L’Anse aux Meadows-findings, but there are many, many more indications that the Vikings visited pretty much the whole continent of North America.
Not proof in any way but intriguing, since the Vikings are claimed to have had the ability to shapeshift into bears, wolves and whatnot.

Though, and that’s a big, fat, juicy though, if there is a Viking connection to werewolf sightings, then why is Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland so peculiarly free of werewolves?
Maybe the shapeshifters were deported to North America? 😛
Nah, that seems a tad far fetched. Still, it is intriguing that there almost always is possible to find a Viking connection to werewolf sightings.

Fighting evil is not just about fighting evil. It’s about fighting the roots of evil, and there are many roots; ignorance and greed most commonly, but also immaturity, lack of respect for others and inability to see the world through the eyes of others.
The attack on Charlie Hebdo in January was evil and brutal, but it was also provoked by immaturity and lack of respect for others. There are discussions back and forth whether it’s OK to do what Charlie Hebdo did. People talk of the sacred freedom of speech and freedom of press like it’s something that just exists in the ether, a right one is just born with. It’s not. No right is. Any right comes with responsibility and if you’re not responsible about the way you choose to exercise your rights, you should be told so, and maybe temporarily have them taken away until you are mature enough to use it correctly.
I understand saying this is oh so controversial, but obviously I’m not condoning the attack. To abuse ones right to free speech/ press pales in comparison to the evils of taking another life, like it in any way was your property to do with as you would.
People continue to be assholes. It never gets any better. Honor is dead. The fact that we only have one soul should be more important than that we only have one life. But it never is. Right now, right here, me and my physical self, that’s what matters.
Small minds, a small world.
Very depressing.

Why are werewolves in the world? Is the evil of the human race pulling them here from beyond, wherever that may be? Or has human evil been left unchecked for so long that it’s now manifesting in this form?
Bigfoots are Bigfoots. They don’t seem to be good or bad. They just are. Werewolves however are almost always described as evil. Why is that.
The evil presence people speak of in werewolves is why I don’t believe in any way that they are a form of mutated wolf. That, and the supernatural properties they seem to possess.

I like wolves, I’m pro-wolves. I’ve never seen them as evil. They are what they are. A predator that could be dangerous under certain circumstances, but not evil.
And on the controversial debate on wolves I have this to say: humans have a human brain and human ingenuity. Wolves are predators.
If a farmer has a problem with wolves getting to his sheep or whatever it may be, then is it the fault of the wolf?? It does what it’s been programmed to do, it does what it’s been doing since wolves appeared on this earth.
If humans want to protect their animals, then stop shooting off wolves! Try using your brain to come up with better, newer, smarter more effective ways to keep the wolves away. I sincerely hope humanity isn’t telling me it can perform complicated brain surgery but it can’t come of with a new type of fence that will keep the wolves out??
Shooting the wolves is lazy and deplorable in every way.
It may be cheaper by current human standards, but a life is a life and as long as people think that taking a life, any life, is cheap, then time will remain out of joint.

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