The Rh-negativity

This is something I have been thinking of for quite some time. Why, oh why, do 15% of people have Rh-negative blood?
To have Rh-positive blood means that the D antigen is present on the surface of the red blood cells and for Rh-negs it is not. The D antigen is the most common when when talking about Rh-positive or negative blood groups. Rh stands for Rhesus which is a type of macaque monkey that was used in the first tests of this kind.
The peculiar thing about this is that, from what I’ve read, all primates, including 85% of the human race, have this Rhesus factor in their blood. It stands to reason since all of us primates have some common ancestor somewhere way back in distant time. But what then of the other 15% of humans who lack this factor? What are we?
Googling this can take you to very strange places indeed.
“Rh-negs are reptilians.” “Rh-negs have the blood of the Gods.” “Rh-negs come from the Annunaki.” “Rh-negs come from the Nephilim.”
And worse.
It’s immensely difficult to find any proper factual information about Rh-negs. Obviously, very little research has been done on the subject.
I found some claims from a scientist that Rh-neg is a mutation that occurred a long time ago, back when we were living in Africa, BUT, there was nada to back this up, it was pretty much just a theory from one scientist, in one interview. (Plus I don’t believe in the Out-of-Africa theory, at least not as the only explanation.)
No real research has been made and I really want to know WHY?
Isn’t this peculiar? Blood that reacts to the blood of 85% of humanity as if it was poison, or something foreign?
Because that’s what it does. The reaction is so strong that an Rh-neg mother who becomes pregnant with an Rh-positive child will form antibodies against the fetus! Something called hemolytic disease.
A human and another human can’t have children because they’re not the same species? Huh?
Where else in nature does this happen? Nowhere, I’m told, except in hybrids such as mules.
Mules, that are a mix of horse and donkey, two closely related, but not genetically similar species produce an offspring with Rh-neg blood. Where does that leave human Rh-negs? Are we a hybrid too?
Well all humans are hybrids. We all have Neanderthal DNA in us, especially Europeans and those of European descent. Some Asians have Denisovan genes. I’m sure there were once other species, yet undiscovered by science, that modern humans once intermingled with as well. So at what point did the Rh-negativity appear?
I’ve read, but not been able to verify, that blood is the least likely part of the human body to mutate. So if it’s not a mutation, did it come from one of those races we were bumping uglies with? If so, which one?
I read one article claiming that the Neanderthals turned into Basques. (The Basques in northern Spain have the highest rate of Rh-negative people, around 33-35% depending on your source.) If that is true then Rh-negativity came from the Neanderthals.
I’ve also read other articles where scientists claim it did absolutely NOT come from the Neanderthals. I’m slightly bewildered.

There are certain traits that Rh-negs are supposed to have;
“High intelligence.”
Yeah. Sounds nice. And I do have a high IQ, but I’m sure there are plenty of Rh-positives with high IQ’s as well…
“Truth seekers”
Well yes, this one really fits me at least.
“Increased psychic or intuitive abilities”
Yeah. Probably.
“Prone to alien abduction”
No! Thankfully!
“Higher or lower blood pressure”
I have higher. MUCH higher. But I didn’t use to. I think it might be because of meds I take. Maybe Rh-negs react differently to meds? Would someone kindly research that? Please!
“Lower body temperature”
Ehm… In this case I AM kinda reptilian. I can’t seem to regulate my own temperature. I get way too hot way too easily. I sleep in temperatures so cold most others would probably die… Although the slightest breeze can make me freeze to death.
“Love of space and science”
Well, I’m very interested in space and science. Always have been. I just don’t think science has reached its peak like some people seem to because they feel if science can’t explain it now then it isn’t real. Pfft. We will know so much more. Science is like a snowball rolling faster and faster. Supernatural won’t be supernatural forever.
“Cannot be cloned”
Weeeell… I seriously haven’t tried. I wonder if this one is true, and if so- why?
I also read Rh-negs can’t, or at least have a harder time, contracting HIV or Ebola and such, but I wouldn’t recommend going out testing that…
One thing that does seem to be true is that many Rh-negs suffer from auto-immune diseases. I do. Quite a lot. Allergies of various kinds. I also have OCD and I’ve heard there could be a connection to RH-negativity for that as well. Who knows anyway, nobody researches this! I just have a feeling there could be answered to many questions in the research of this.

You can get these DIY blood group tests online. I knew my blood type but I just wanted to "make sure" so I did this one a few weeks ago.
You can get these DIY blood group tests online. I knew my blood type but I just wanted to “make sure” so I did this one a few weeks ago.

I’m A negative. I have Panda blood according to the Chinese. They call A- panda blood I read, because it’s incredibly rare there (like 0.2%), like the panda. Here in Sweden it’s way more common, a whopping 7% have it. I’d love to hear from other Rh-negs and what your thoughts and experiences are. There’s a contact form somewhere on the right side of the blog that you can use if you don’t want to comment here. If you want to read more about Rh-negative blood you should check out the Rh-negative registry At least until science decides to do some proper research into this…


One thought on “The Rh-negativity”

  1. I agree with you! I wish there were more research done with rh-negative blood. I’m b negative and so are both of my parents.

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