Some Christmas reading

I read a lot. online, offline, on my phone, actual physical books even. But I think e-books are basically Odin’s gift to mankind. Sort of.
They are (usually) cheaper and you get them now. Right now.
I’m not known for my patience so I’m a big fan of right now.
Today I got Lon Strickler’s third book about bizarre things people come into contact with. Appropriately named Phantoms & Monsters: Bizarre Encounters.
Obviously I haven’t read this one yet but I’m betting it’s something like the other two, Strange Encounters and Cryptid Encounters, which were very good.

When you get tired of reading actual accounts of dogman encounters (I’m assuming that’s possible?), why not relax with a new and pretty darn interesting werewolf fiction.
No Such Thing As Werewolves: Deathless Book 1 by Chris Fox takes a very intriguing approach to the whole idea of werewolves. I wish I could tell you what it is because it’s really quite brilliant but I’m told you’re not supposed to do that.. Just get the book. It’s the first of a series and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one (which is book zero…), due to be released on Christmas Eve!

You want to read about Bigfoots in a new way then go get
100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story and
100 Bigfoot nights: The Nightmare continues by Christine Dela Parker.
I’ve written about them before somewhere. (Don’t make me go dig through my own posts…. Fine! Here.) I like them. I like the way she writes. And they come with videos and audio.

Linda S. Godfrey, the Manwolf queen (well, we share the throne…) released a book that isn’t solely about dogmen, but is quite good anyway. πŸ˜›
It’s called American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends and Sightings in America.
People really need to start writing books with shorter titles…
As always, Linda is a terrific writer and the book is very well researched. In a way it’s like cryptozoology for dummies, in the sense that it contains everything you ever wanted to know about cryptids but were afraid to ask. But it also has news for the seasoned crypto geek.

For those of us who can’t afford the Missing 411-books but devour every podcast David Paulides is on there are
Mysterious Things in the Woods; Mysterious Disappearances, Missing People, Sometimes Found… (What did I say about lengthy titles??) and
Something in the Woods Is Taking People by Stephen Young. They are fairly good and interesting. Some minor errors here and there but nothing too disturbing. What is disturbing though are the things that go on in the woods and how most people aren’t even aware.

For werewolf knowledge 101, get The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Werewolves by Nathan Robert Brown.
The book gives a brief introduction to werewolf lore from all over the world. It’s written with a touch of humor that luckily doesn’t take away from the actual facts.

Well, that should keep you busy over the holidays. If not, feel free to read up on this blog πŸ™‚


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