Masterless tulpas?

I’m here, I’m here, I’m posting, see!
I’ve been busy with both cryptic and non-cryptic stuff.
Non-cryptic: I’ve been building houses and making patterns and uploaded them to TSR.
Cryptic: I’ve read a few books and a million things online and I’ve been listening to/ watching tons of podcasts/videos about dogmen and whatnot. I’m trying to put together a nice channel on YouTube for you guys to watch. For now look at/ listen to this playlist.

I’ve also thought of a new theory. Something that would tie the so-called fleshgait together with wendigo, skinwalkers and dogmen. Not bad, huh?
This is where you super materialists should stop reading because I don’t think the concept of dogman, skinwalker, wendigo and fleshgait can be explained scientifically yet. There’s too much dark energy and dark matter that we don’t yet understand, and what’s going on here, I believe, has something to do with that.
To a westerner, the concept of magic seems like make believe and fairy tales and it did to me as well. But the more I’ve read, and I read A LOT, there more I’ve come to believe that even though I may not understand it, at all, there really seems to be something going on here, something outside what science can explain.
I’m still not etching anything in stone and declaring it truth, I don’t think I will ever be that arrogant. It’s just an idea in my head, a possibly feeble attempt at making any kind of sense of  something so senseless.

Here goes:
1. Evil witch of shamanic persuation creates a tulpa, an alter ego of sorts that he can then dress in “skins” and place his own consciousness into, enabling him to fly/ run/ swim/ move around in ways his physical human body cannot. This is the concept of the skinwalker, but the Navajo/ Diné are not the only ones with these traditions, the concept exists in all shamanic belief systems, worldwide.
What would this tulpa look like undressed so to speak? The tulpa should be able to take on different forms, therefore its base form should be relatively neutral. Probably a reflection of the evil witch himself- humanoid.

2. The whole idea of a tulpa is to create a thoughtform with your mind and “feed” it enough etheric energy that it can manifest physically. Don’t ask. This is the part I don’t understand.
When the tulpa is fully manifested, what does it need to sustain itself? A physical tulpa, does it need physical energy now? Like flesh? Or does it keep getting etheric energies from its creator?
And once the tulpa has manifested, how connected is it to its creator? Apparently as long as its creator lives it’s bound to do its bidding, but what if the creator dies? Does the tulpa die? If not, does it continue its existence, now a free individual, surviving on the energies of this material world- physical actual food? Would it need to hunt to sustain itself? If so…

3. The fleshgait. Naked, humanoid crawling around, stinky, can move very fast, can take over other people. What if this is the masterless tulpa? What if the taking over other people part is something it remembered its master doing to it? What if it’s evil just because it was created that way and that’s all it’s ever known? Kinda like Jessica Rabbit…

4. The wendigo. Algonquin mythology. The spirit of the lonely places. Associated with cannibalism, but it’s only cannibalism if you eat your own species. What if the creature wendigo was never human per se, just created by one?

5. Skinwalker. Well, this is obvious. It’s the tulpa dressed in a skin with a living master/ creator calling the shots.

6. Dogman. The most common skin used by the master to dress the tulpa. No wonder people sense it’s evil considering the consciousness that inhabits it.

Summary. Fleshgaits and wendigos, when described as a Rake-like creature, might be a masterless tulpa. Skinwalkers and Dogmen seem to be controlled by a living master.

Even if this theory is true, it really doesn’t add much to the grand puzzle. I don’t know how functioning, physically manifested tulpas are created, and I don’t want to know if it would mean having to soil my soul in any way to find out.
And to keep my soul clean is also why I build houses and whatnot for The Sims 3. It’s a creative outlet and it has nothing to do with dogmen or other horrors. Sometimes the bad and the evil just gets too much. You can feel it affecting you. I don’t want that. So I take a break. I do something constructive, creative, albeit sometimes frustrating, lol.
The cryptic comes first every day though. I always check all necessary leads before I do anything else.
Oh, and the cats. You need to hug the cats. It’s very soul cleansing. 🙂

Mine :)
Mine 🙂

9 thoughts on “Masterless tulpas?”

  1. The tulpa doesn’t require you to feed it energy as such after a certain stage. Once it is a distinct enough part of your mind, the link is pretty much unbreakable.

    There’s also the idea of tulpa possession – where the tulpa section can take over the conscious mind, though it’s voluntary on your part. What if this could happen in reverse, where the bodies switch, at least to the perception of others around you?

    1. Hi and welcome! Thanks for posting.
      I suspect this is what is taking place in the case of skinwalkers?
      Atm, with the info I have right now, I believe they create a sort of “base form” tulpa, one whose appearance and possibly qualities can be relatively easily manipulated. I then think they enter this tulpa with their conscious mind.
      Should I find other information my perception of this would likely change, if said information pointed me in another direction.

      Are you experienced with tulpas?
      What happens to a tulpa if its creator dies before “dispelling” the tulpa? Does it continue on?

      1. I have experience with tulpas, though I’m by no means an expert.

        The tulpa is essentially a partition of the mind. If you don’t focus on it enough while it is still being established, it ‘dies’. If the creator dies, so does the tulpa – while the tulpa has a physical form specified by the creator, it shares the same body as the creator.

        With skinwalkers I believe it is something different, seeing as there are various rituals, mostly involving corruption of proper Navajo rituals, which are required to become one. However, then there’s the rape, incest, cannibalism, necrophilia etc which are also required. That would likely cause some kind of mental fracturing which could then become something else. If there is a personality which only knows social taboos, you can bet it won’t be friendly.

      2. I put some more detail on a post over at /r/skinwalkers, if you want to check it out. This theory could well explain around half of the skinwalker sightings.

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