Lake Monster coming up for air again

Statue of Storsjöodjuret in Östersund by Lake Storsjön

Sweden’s most famous lake monster, “Storsie” or Storsjöodjuret, has been making headlines again. This time the legendary beast said to dwell beneath the waves of Lake Storsjön may have been caught on video by a group of people out to watch the sunset.
Storsjöodjuret seems to pop up every now and then, to the bewilderment of eyewitnesses and patronizing amusement of others.

In 2009 the below photos were taken by eyewitnesses of the alleged beast.


In 2011 this photo was taken:

In 2013 a witness saw something yellowy-beige slithering through the water like a snake:

So, what do we think? Is there anything in the lake and if so, what?


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