RIP Rik Mayall

After months of just reading an awful lot I have plenty I’ll need to write about soon, but first I need to write a post about one of my all-time favorite comedians who passed away on June 9.

Oh Rik! Rik! Cherry pick! (as in Oh Neil! Neil! Orange peel!)
No, I’m not the People’s Poet he was. I just need to say something about his passing.

  It’s hard to remain solemnly sad when thinking about Rik. Scenes of him start playing in my head. So many scenes, so much brilliant comedy.
Thinking there will never be anything more is saddening to a point where I almost loose my breath, but even this feeling is outweighed by the gratitude I feel for everything he gave us, everything he left us with.
56 are not enough years on this planet, unless you’re Rik Mayall and managed to do more in that time than others who live to be 100.
Rik was pure energy, genius, brilliance.

I could post thousands of clips of Rik being awesome, but I’ll pick this one because I’m sorta in it… (if anyone gets that you win a green tractor in the color of your choice…) and because it’s hilarious, of course.

You have your passport to complete and utter freedom, Rik.
Carpe mortem – seize death.

Rik Mayall obituary


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