A werewolf by any other name would smell as foul…

Yes I’m up. Just had a hard time getting going this spring.
Been submerged in the world of genealogy lately but the time has come to get the blog up and properly running for this season. And what better way of doing that than by sharing some of the werewolf encounters I’ve been reading about lately.
Werewolves. The stuff of legends and Hollywood horror. Except that they’re real and they’re here on this earth today. At least according to the hundreds of witness reports.
Some seem to think they are mistaken Bigfoots, and maybe they’re right. Werewolves and Bigfoots seem to have a lot of similar characteristics. They are bipedal, furry and stink like something rotten. But there are differences. Bigfoots tend to be huge, around 8-10 feet or more, while a werewolf usually seems to range between 5-7 feet. The werewolf has a snout and pointy ears on top of the head while the Bigfoot has a flatter face, pronounced brows, a cone shaped head and ears on the sides of the head. Both species seem to have a broad chest but the lower part of the body differs. The Bigfoot has thicker, relatively straight legs whereas the werewolf has pretty skinny legs, bent backwards at the heel (or knee as some people mistakenly call it) like a dog.
The stench reported in both Bigfoot and werewolf encounters can simply be because of their predatory nature. Herbivores don’t tend to stink as much as carnivores. They say…
Personally I have little doubt they are different species. I even think there are subspecies involved. Not all Bigfoots are the same and the same goes for werewolves.

I have, of course, covered this topic many times before, such as here, here, here and here, seeing how it is my favorite within the field of cryptozoology.

6a0115712c455f970c01543667216b970c-320wiWerewolves, dogmen, wolfmen, manwolves, skinwalkers… A werewolf by any other name would smell as foul…
Let’s move on to some sightings, shall we?


In July of 1988, many years before Linda Godfrey brought the werewolf out of hiding with her books about the beast of Bray road and the Michigan Dogman, a young woman went to visit her father for the summer in Middlesex, Virginia. For the first few days of her visit the father had been very reluctant letting her go outside after dark. Eventually he told her that the reason for this was that an unknown creature had been killing deer in the area and the authorities didn’t know what the animal was.
About a week later, the 150 pound lab mix dog belonging to the father started to whimper in the yard, prompting the father to take his shotgun and go outside. The gun went off and the father claimed to have shot the creature.
In the morning they went out into the woods to look for the body, but even after hours of searching all they found were some blood stains.
For about two weeks everything was quiet, until one night when the woman heard something land on the heat pump underneath her trailer window. She sat up in bed, expecting the noise to have been cause by a cat, and pulled the curtain back. Standing outside, front paws on the heat pump and muzzle pressed up against the window screen, was a creature that can only be explained as a werewolf. It was covered in dark fur. Its long snout seemed hairless and leathery and its lips were pulled back in a snarl, exposing the long and white teeth. The eyes were black and soulless that those of a doll. The breath of the creature was hot and smelled of rotting meat.
The woman was frozen in fear.
Eventually the creature left and went back into the woods.
After the incident they heard the beast several times but the only time the woman saw it again was a few days before she was going home. This time she saw through a window how the creature walked across the yard and the street on two legs.


A married couple had just stopped to refuel on their way from Dallas to Austin, Texas. As they were trying to get back on the highway they found themselves temporarily lost on a dirt side road. Their dogs, which had up until then been sleeping in the back of the car, suddenly started barking and jumping around. The couple assumed the dogs were in need of a bathroom break so they pulled over and got out of the car. The dogs however refused to leave the car. They kept growling and the couple noticed what looked like a tall, wide “man” eating something with his hands over by the wooden fence that separated the forest from the road. The creature was hunched over and was wildly slurping on what appeared to be a small animal.
As soon as the creature noticed them they got back in the car, locked the doors and drove off. The woman looked back and saw the creature easily jumping over the fence and disappearing into the woods.


The next one is a story I would LOVE to have some confirmation or witness statements on. It shouldn’t be too difficult. The story goes that somewhere between 100-130 people were witnesses to the incident.
It is said to have happened around 1991-92 outside Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. 100-130 high school kids had found an abandoned farmhouse that they felt would be a perfect place to throw a party.
Most of the furniture had been left behind in the old house, even the TV.
In the kitchen floor there was a cellar door and some of the stronger teens decided it would be a brilliant idea to pry it open.
As they did, one witness claims there was silence, followed by the walls shaking and a thumping sound. Seconds later people began to scream and try to flee the scene. It is said that in their panic some broke a large picture window trying to get out. The creature that came out of the cellar was said to be around 8 feet tall, black, bipedal and with a head like a wolf, but bigger.
It is said to have thrashed some kitchen cabinets and uprooted the kitchen island. Strangely, none of the kids seem to have been harmed.

For more stories check out my maps of werewolf sightings. There’s plenty of light reading there to keep you occupied on sleepless nights. Granted, there might be more sleepless nights after reading it…
Wisconsin & Michigan
Europe and the rest of the world




3 thoughts on “A werewolf by any other name would smell as foul…”

  1. Hello! Do you subscribe to any particular theory as to what is going on here? Multi-verse bleed-throughs, elemental mischief, evil wearing a wolfish form? Or a rarely seen and freakish variety of wild animal–like a remnant paleo-wolf? Do the people that see these show evidence of mediumistic, or perceptive, ability? I guess no one is researching that. What do you think about the photo of the beast of Seven Chutes? Cheers and thanks.

    1. Hi there! I can’t say I believe in or subscribe to any theory so fully that I would etch it in stone and declare it truth. Mainly because I think the phenomenon can be different things, even though it might manifest similarly. The idea of window areas or portals to “other realities” seems valid in many cases, but at other times, such as with skinwalkers, I believe it’s what you call evil wearing a wolfish form, be it in the form of a tulpa or someones ability to change the etheric body in ways I’m not too familiar with.
      I don’t think it’s dire wolf or any other rarely seen ancient canine, but I don’t know.
      Lately I’ve become more interested in the goings on in alleged secret underground bases, such as the one in Dulce, NM.
      I’ve also wondered about the witnesses and whether they have certain abilities the rest of us might not have or if they were targeted for any other reason.
      The beast of seven chutes looks so much like a baboon-type animal to me I was actually at some point trying to research whether a zoo in the area might have anubis baboons (olive baboons) but I didn’t find anything at the time. What do you think?
      Thank you for commenting. Always nice to be able to discuss these things with someone. 🙂

  2. I Live about an hour from Manistee, and was looking for possible sightings in the area that you may know about as I was looking to take maybe spend some time looking around there and would kind of like to narrow my search area.

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