Movie night

You’ll be glad to hear my cocooning is going very well! The number of zombies I’ve killed in the last few weeks and the gory ways in which I have disposed of them should set your mind at ease should a zombie apocalypse actually occur. All hail the creators of the Resident Evil games.
When I feel the button pressing on the controller gets too strenuous I turn to movies, and I actually thought I might recommend, or at least review a few for you.
Now don’t go expecting romantic comedies and such crap. You know me. The genre is horror.

Grave Encounters
Holy banana topping, I thought. Grave Encounters? Can a title be cornier? I looked it up on IMDb and noticed it was rated 6/10, which is so much it’s practically unheard of within this genre, so I gave it a try.
It was actually good! The best horror flick I’ve seen in a long time.
It starts off as a mockumentary of various paranormal TV-shows which made me giggle a lot, and then becomes nicely creepy, uncomfortable and occasionally somewhat scary.

Dog Soldiers
Yes, well you must have seen this coming. Werewolves!
I had high hopes for this movie. I had seen pics of the werewolves and I thought they looked pretty good (unlike every single werewolf in every werewolf movie ever created…). But… Maybe it was my high hopes or something but I wasn’t too impressed with this one. They could have done so much more with it instead of just sticking everyone in a cabin for most of the movie.
Still, worth the watch at least once.
Plus you will be scared s**tless by a cow.

Bad Moon
More werewolves. A strange and somewhat ugly one, but the real star of this movie is the dog! It’s an amazing German Shepherd that turn this movie from “ooo, scary werewolf” to “ooo, I love animals SO MUCH!”

Silver Bullet
Of course one has to revisit the golden oldies every once in a while, and this 1985 werewolf classic, written by Stephen King, is still the best werewolf movie out there.
Sure the werewolf looks a bit like a bear with mange but you don’t see it so much. It’s more knowing that it’s out there, the tell-tale music and also the occasional humorous details that make this movie great.

Well those were the relatively good movies I’ve been watching lately. There were also some bad ones (like *cough* Loch Ness Terror *cough*…)
Back to the zombies.


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