Interesting book by Hoss Lors

I was listening to The Haunted Harvest Moon on Ztalk radio last night. Hoss Lors was the guest and he was talking about his experiences living on the Navajo reservation. Today I got his book, Skinwalker Shards Linger.
The Navajo Skinwalker is something you definitely need to be aware of if you ever hope to make any kind of sense of the reports of strange beings people keep seeing, especially werewolves. I wrote about Skinwalkers in my post The evil that men do and I’m always looking for more information since it’s pretty scarce. The Navajo do not talk much about Skinwalkers to outsiders since it is believed that talking about them draws their attention.
This book is like a window into a closed off world. A somewhat dented and dirty window, but still a clearer view than you can usually find. By this I mean the book doesn’t hold any ultimate answers but it gives you insights most white people are too separated from by time and society.

The book contains examples of the extreme threat the Skinwalkers pose. It gives first hand experiences about being on the receiving end of the Skinwalker’s hatred and it mentions the means of the Navajo medicine men for combating this evil.
It’s not a very long book but it’s a necessary one. Pick up a copy.

About the Navajo Skinwalker and it’s origins, I was happy to find in the book a mention of “skinwalkery” having been something the Hopi originally taught the Navajo. Why? Because of a theory I have.
There was something I read somewhere on the internet some time back, something I seem to be unable to find anymore…
It was a blog, about a people who called themselves “Scraelings” and who had once been part of the Beothuk, the native tribes of Newfoundland and Labrador who encountered the Vikings.
While most of the Beothuk were slaughtered by the Europeans when Columbus had “discovered” America, a small group managed to escape and eventually joined the Hopi in Arizona. Do you see what I’m getting at?
The Vikings knew about shape-shifting magic (berserkers, ulvhedins). I believe the knowledge originated somewhere around the Black Sea, or possibly even further east or possibly south of there. The would-be Vikings most likely originated in that area and brought this knowledge with them. Later it spread to the Scraelings who taught the Hopi, who in turn taught the Navajo.
Why do I believe the shape-shifting magic originated around the Black Sea? First of all it’s mentioned in the old Norse texts and second, is it a coincidence that the area “west of Tibet and north of Iran” was considered ground zero for the cynocephalus race?
I want to find the origin, the true core of this weirdness.


2 thoughts on “Interesting book by Hoss Lors”

  1. I got an e-mail from Nome, Alaska after the show that talked about the Hopi and the Inupiaq traditions! Then I read this and see you mention Hopi – interesting!
    I would be very interested in hearing if you find out anything about the “Scraelings” – the Hopi did teach the Navajo and the Hopi only used it for good – the Navajo turned from the way and used it to accumulate wealth.
    Sorry I did not give any definitive answers – but dealing with the nether world is anything but definitive –
    Thanks for listening

  2. Thank you for your comment! It’s very interesting how the “skinwalkery” has passed from generation to generation, from tribe to tribe. Elder Dan that JC Johnson works a lot with also talked about how “skinwalkery” was used for good from the beginning, to get intelligence on what was going on in the enemy camp and such. I wonder when it got warped by the lower instincts of the human mind? Getting definitive answers on a subject such as this is not going to be easy, everything is a tangled web, but there has to be a way? Your book added some more pieces to the puzzle and for that I’m grateful! 🙂

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