Ragnarok- but I have laundry day then!

Ragnarok, Viking Armageddon is apparently just around the corner.
February 22, 2014.
I should have known something was up, I’ve been sick and I’ve slept like a koala on valium lately. No idea what’s been going on, might as well be Ragnarok.

helmet-sword-axe-shield-vikings-7961434But seriously, how in the world did Danielle Daglan from the Norvik Viking Centre come up with February 22nd? Because it’s the end of the feast jólablót, she says.
It is?
Granted, exactly when jólablót was celebrated/ performed is still in question. The question however is whether it occurred during the winter solstice in December or at mid-winter, which was thought to happen around January 14th. Either way, I doubt it lasted over a month.
Also, it happened every year.

Three winters with no summer in between is supposed to occur before Ragnarok. This she feels is represented by the possible little ice age that may or may not happen due to the recent quieting down of solar activity.
Professor Mike Lockwood of Reading University says there is no scientific evidence this will happen. As he claims in an article:

“The sun’s activity rises and falls on an approximately 11-year cycle, but also varies on century-long timescales. It’s this research I talked to BBC weatherman Paul Hudson about in an interview for the BBC’s Inside Out programme.
Unfortunately, I now find myself in the position of being cited as predicting that the current rapid decline in solar activity will plunge the world into a “Little Ice Age”.
This is very disappointing as it is not at all supported by the science.”

Another indication of impending Ragnarok is the breakdown of morality and raging wars.
Yeah, because that’s new…
Earthquakes and tsunamis will happen.
Also, nothing new here.

Danielle Daglan has also been quoted saying:

“Following a study published in 2010 that bearded men are more trustworthy than those without, we’re also looking for fantastic displays of facial hair, so that we can identify those with the potential to take us into the brave new world that is foretold to follow Ragnarok.”

Oh I hope this is just a joke…
I don’t like when non-Nordics mess with Viking stuff…
In any case, I wouldn’t cancel laundry day because of this.


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