I have no beef with koalas or dingoes, not even wallabies or any other uniquely Australian animal, but what is up with those red kangaroos? There is definitely something more sinister to these creatures than meets the eye.
Sure, they can feign cuteness. They can pull off the “look at me, I’m just an adorable marsupial hopping along with my mule head, my bunny ears and bunny legs, my human-like torso and my velociraptor tail”- look but are they really so innocent?

There's just something very unsettling about this...
There’s just something very unsettling about this…

Let’s start with the claws, shall we?

Kangaroos eat grass. They don’t eat roots they have to dig for or things like larvae inside trees they have to open up, like bears and other animals.
No. They eat grass. Grass and leaves. Possibly grains if they can get them. There is NOTHING about their dietary habits that in any way justifies claws like that!
Let’s look at the paws of other herbivores, shall we?


So, if finding and getting to the food isn’t the reason for the claws, then what is? Defense, they say. Defense against what?  Tyrannosaurs?
We are all aware that Australia holds a lot of dangerous animals, but the danger tends to be venom mostly. Spiders, snakes and that sort of thing. Claws would not be considered a good defense against spiders.
What about crocodiles?
Kangaroos mostly live in the dry, grassy plains of inner Australia, and even at times the desert areas. Saltwater crocodiles live along the coast and in rivers and freshwater ones live in wetlands, rivers and creeks. Even though a saltwater crocodile can eat a kangaroo it’s rare since their territories don’t overlap much.
Then there are dingoes, but we will ignore that now since this is not an awfully serious post…

kangarooR120706_228x400 (1)Evidence unearthed in Australia’s northeastern Queensland in 2006 of a prehistoric killer kangaroo that roamed Australia 10 million years ago might be something to consider. They didn’t hop. These were galloping kangaroos with big, powerful forelimbs and some had long canines like wolves.

Kangaroo SightingsAnd what about all those “errant kangaroos” seen throughout the world? Phantom kangaroos, as they’re sometimes called, seem to not only pop up in places where they are not supposed to exist, but they also show a behavior that is very unlike the “cute, innocent grass-eater” it tries to portray itself as. Crazed carnivorous kangaroos have been seen in several American states, such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota, coincidentally in the same areas that have a large number of werewolf sightings…
Think about it…
A little more…
Yup, that’s my point exactly.


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