Found on Flashback- The cabin, the cats and the old woman

Flashback forum is a Swedish forum about absolutely everything, from science and politics to drugs and the paranormal. It is a source of endless frustration as it’s completely overrun by hateful trolls who simply must comment on everything.  In most threads, especially the paranormal ones, the ratio between trolls and the serious commentators can be as bad as 3- 5: 1. Yet, journeying into this lawless wasteland can sometimes pay off as people talk about strange things that have happened to them, until the poison from the troll’s arrows cause them to fall silent and disappear.
I thought I might write some of my finds down as I can never be sure I will survive my next excursion to the wretched desert of eternal dusk that is flashback forum.

En skrämmande upplevelse/ A frightening experience is a thread started by Tag Man in August of 2008. It’s about two (young) men who, as they are checking on the little cultivation that they had going in a field (some type of plants with jagged, fingered leaves…), find an old, possibly abandoned cabin in the woods near Uppsala, Sweden. Before you get too excited, the cabin wasn’t as old as first believed. Photos were eventually contributed which tells us it was probably built in the 50’s- 60’s.
The men claim to have been completely sober at the time, and why not? Their story at first isn’t THAT spectacular. The men were apparently hoping the cabin would be deserted so they could use it to dry their plants. 2py3hxt

The cabin

They sneaked around the cabin and came upon a window. Inside the cabin was all dark but in the window sat a black-and-white cat. The cat turned its head to look at them and one of its eyes was not normal. It was a dark, semitransparent boil.
This spooked the men so bad apparently that they took off running, getting tangled in an old barbed wire fence before they reached an old bike road in the woods. On this road they stopped and talked about their experience. Obviously someone lived in the cabin together with a deformed cat.

Unrelated but similar cat?
Unrelated but similar cat?

While they talked another cat came up on the road, a huge old grayish brown one with wild and tangled fur, almost limping as if from old age. Tag Man’s first though was that it was the witch in the cabin that had transformed herself into a cat to follow them.
The cat encircled them and made strange charges against them. The whole situation seemed eerie but after a while the cat walked off into the tall grass on the other side of the road and was gone.
The men stayed and talked about the cabin and the cats for ten minutes and then went their separate ways home. After a while Tag Man felt watched and looked behind him and there was the cat, following him only a few yards behind him. Tag Man took off running the rest of the way home.

spbx3pNow, readers of this thread urged Tag Man to go back to the cabin, take pictures and find out if there really was someone living in the cabin. He was reluctant, said it was such a creepy experience and he disappeared from the thread for about 3 months.
Tag Man eventually returned in late November and said that he and the friend hadn’t talked in 3 months and that he at first wanted to just forget what happened, but after people so adamantly had urged him to tell them more he had decided to spill the beans about what happened a few weeks after the first visit to the cabin in August.
The men had tried to trivialize what had happened the first time. It wasn’t like they had experienced anything really dangerous. They went back to the cabin on an old trail in the woods. Immediately upon arrival Tag Man looked in through the window where the cat had been on their previous visit. This time he saw nothing and sighed with relief. Then he heard his friend quietly calling to him and pointing towards the corner of the cabin. There was the black-and-white cat with the deformed eye, looking at them, only about 10 feet away.
2afen21The cat disappeared behind the cabin and the men slowly followed. They saw the cat sneak through the door to the wood shed that was ajar and Tag Man followed it yet another few yards and was spooked when the door opened and an old woman, unkempt and limping, came out. The shocked Tag Man got strange vibes from the old woman. He wasn’t afraid, he said, but he felt strange and wanted to get away, but that he at first was speechless and couldn’t decide whether to run or stay put. He was approximately 25 feet from the old woman when she spoke:
“Are you here again?”
Tag Man eventually managed to respond and said something about them having been there before and that they had seen a cat inside the cabin with a damaged eye.
“Yes, isn’t he pretty?” said the old woman and returned inside the wood shed.
The men said they weren’t going to disturb her anymore and turned around and started to walk away when the woman came out of the wood shed and started to follow them.
“Aren’t you going to have a look inside?” she asked in an urging way that made the men uncomfortable. Tag Man only managed a measly “Bye…” as he and his friend left through the old gate.
The old woman still followed them but stopped at the gate. 2ujqdfd
“When are you coming back?” she yelled after them and the men ran out of the woods.
They went to Tag Man’s place and along the way discussed the frightening feeling the place had given them and how strangely the woman had behaved.

A few days passed and the men didn’t speak to each other until Tag Man had a terrifying dream. He dreamed that he walked to the cabin alone and that he saw the cat in the window, like he had at the first visit. The cat jumped down from the window and walked towards the door. The door opened and there was his friend, looking at him and asking:
“Aren’t you going to have a look inside?”
This could of course have just been a regular nightmare, except his friend called him the next morning to tell him about the nightmare he had. Apparently the friend had the same dream, except that Tag Man had been the one inside the cabin. Both men were spooked.

After this they only spoke once in several months and the friend was then denying he had dreamed what he said he did.

2ivy79wFinally, in early December, Tag Man got a hold of his friend and they returned to the cabin to take photos. Again the cabin looked dark inside but Tag Man said he felt uncomfortable, as if someone was watching him from the darkness.
2eojuqwEventually he could see something inside glowing from a red light. He couldn’t make out what it was but he took pictures of it. It looks to be some kind of heat light illuminating some boxes with something in them and a cola bottle of water standing next to them.1182f7l
Was the old lady growing something in there? Mushrooms? Magic mushrooms? Was she a witch with the ability to shape shift? Or was she just a regular old person living alone in the woods? Was Tag Man just making the story up, modeling it after the Blair Witch and similar tales?
Either way, that’s Tag Man’s story of the cabin, the cats and the old woman.


2 thoughts on “Found on Flashback- The cabin, the cats and the old woman”

  1. Haha I like the cat lady 🙂 silly men glad they didn’t hurt her, glad they learned they shouldn’t be snooping in others property. Cool cats too. That picture is a main cool the largest hairiest of domestic cats, beautiful animals.

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