Lost treasures

Arrr you feeling piratey but think that all good treasures have been found? Well, matey slap on the eye patch and air out the parrot because I’m going to give you some tips:

Awa_Maru_11249gtThe Awa Maru
A Japanese ocean liner that was hit by a torpedo from the  USS Queenfish in 1945.
Rumored to have carried gold, platinum, and diamonds worth more than $5 billion as well as the half a million year old fossil remains of Homo erectus pekinensis.

Not sure why an ocean liner delivering supplies would carry so much gold and other valuables, not to mention human fossils. Perhaps the only thing down there is really old saké and a really old prototype for NES.
The ship was sailing from Singapore back to Japan when she sunk in the Taiwan Strait.
+ You may find riches beyond your wildest dreams plus you’ll be a hero for returning the invaluable fossil.
– According to some of the reports the ship was carrying rubber…

guatavitaThe Muisca Gold at the Bottom of Lake Guatavita
During a Muisca ritual in Colombia the supreme ruler would be covered in gold dust, sent out on Lake Guatavita on a raft and then dive into the water, washing off all the gold. Afterwards other valuable offerings, such as jewelry would be thrown in the waters. The conquistadors obviously became indubitably invigorated in their nether regions upon hearing about this practice and tried to drain the water from the lake to get to the gold without having too much luck. In 1911 the lake finally was drained but sadly the dry mud at the lake’s bottom created an impenetrable crust. Supposedly the gold remains in the mud at the bottom of the lake, but the Colombian government has forbidden any more draining attempts.
+ The real El Dorado!
– You will have to grow a long, weirdly shaped beard and appear on the Discovery channel’s Gold Rush.

superstition-mountainsLost Dutchman Gold Mine, Superstition Mountains, Arizona, U.S.
Well first of all, the “Dutchman” was actually German and his name was Jacob Walz. Rumor has it that Walz, who spent most of his life working in other people’s mines to support his own search for the mother lode. One day he was seen paying for drinks with gold nuggets of particularly high quality and there was speculation that he had stumbled over the richest gold mine of them all. No one was able to pursue him to find out where his gold mine was, he would always shake them off, but he always returned with saddle bags full of gold. The location of the mine remained a secret.
Many have searched Superstition Mountains through the years, trying to locate that elusive mine but failed. Superstition Mountains themselves have a pretty awful reputation of  being cursed and many people have met their untimely deaths here, or gone missing, never to be heard from again. Plus it’s hot.
+ You’ll never have to work again.
– Heat, scorpions, heat, rattlesnakes, heat and old native American curses.

A_gorgeous_waterfall_on_isla_del_cocoThe Lima treasure at Cocos Island
In 1820 when Peru rebelled against Spain the governor of Lima entrusted their treasures to the British Captain Thompson for transportation to Mexico. Unfortunately the $160 million value of the treasure proved too tempting for the Captain and he slew his crew and buried the treasure in a cave on Cocos Island, Costa Rica while he was waiting for the situation to calm down.
Since then hundreds of treasure hunters have invaded Cocos Island, hoping to find the treasure of Lima. To this day no one has and one theory says that the treasure was not buried on the Cocos Island at all, but on an unknown island off the coast of Central America.
+ 160 million buys a lot of bunny suits, if you’re into that sort of thing.
– Digging on every island off the Central American coast? Good luck with that.

Group Faberge eggs.Lost Fabergé eggs
Fabergé eggs are jeweled eggs created by House of Fabergé between 1885-1917. Normally only one or two eggs were created each year, most of them for the Czar of Russia.  Nowadays some of the eggs sell for as much as $9.6 million. The interesting thing here is that through the years, some eggs have gone missing. However one just loses an egg encrusted with diamonds and other yummy things is beyond me but still, it happened. Eight of the imperial Fabergé eggs are unaccounted for and whoever finds a real one can consider themselves pretty frigging special, since there were only 65 made in total.
+ It’s an egg! With jewels, enamel, gold and gemstones! What could be better?
– Many really good fake eggs are in circulation.

Lago-ToplitzThe Nazi Gold in Lake Toplitz
In the final months of the second world war a group of die-hard Nazis fled to the Austrian Alps and sank a bunch of metal crates to the lake’s bottom. No one knows what was in the crates but people can speculate and they have. It is known the Nazis seized a lot of art, gold and other valuables from occupied nations. Some believe the crates contained gold looted by German troops throughout Europe and carried back to Germany. Others feel that they contain documents showing where assets confiscated from Jewish victims were hidden in Swiss bank accounts. Either way, if the crates really are there, they are bound to contain something of very high interest.
+ You can be altruistic and return the looted riches to the rightful owner’s families and get a statue of yourself erected in your town’s square.
– The crates could be a myth or someone could have beaten you to it, or you’ might get hypoxia at that altitude.

Some other lost treasures:

Front Page CopyThe Irish Crown Jewels
The Irish Crown Jewels were the regalia of the Sovereign and Grand Master of the Order of St. Patrick, value around £30 000. They were stolen in 1907.

Confederate Gold
During the American Civil War several of the Gold caches that had been buried were lost and unaccounted for. Supposedly the lost Gold is worth millions and could be buried anywhere within the confederate states.

Yamashita’s Gold
Yamashita’s Gold is the collective name given to the gold, platinum, jewelry and other precious items stolen by the forces of Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita. Many treasure hunters believe Yamashita’s loot is still concealed somewhere in the Philippines.

Alamo-by-pulsarmediadoteuThe Alamo treasure
Some believe that in an effort to wage a revolution against Mexico and declare Texas independence, men like Bowie and Crockett had actually brought millions of dollars worth of treasure to the Alamo. The money was meant to raise an army and pay for their oncoming war. According to these believers the treasure is still buried somewhere beneath the compound.

Well there you go. Channel your inner Jack Sparrow and go dig up some treasures!
I’ll need 10% for telling you about these awesome opportunities though.


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