Off the deep end

Time to get loopy.
Brace yourself.
Orion, Gemini and the moon are not where they should be.
There you have it.
I have been noticing strange things in the night sky lately and for about a month now I’ve been telling myself that there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Like light pollution. Or my memory of their positions has failed me.
But then I found a post on Above Top Secret today about a man who claims Orion is in the wrong place and I decided to temporarily give in to my insanity and write this post.
The man in the video (who says he’s had some problem with his brain lately…) claims Orion rises at least 25 degrees to the “left” of where it’s been rising for the last 10 years.
I would have to second that and also add that it rises much later than it has before.

All my life I’ve been reasonably interested in stargazing and now that winter is here (with dark nights as opposed to the summer nights here in Sweden) it’s hard to resist that night sky.
I have this spot pretty close to my home where, although it’s in the middle of town, light pollution is pretty low. I have frequented this place for years. I know the night sky there.
According to sky charts, at 8 pm this time of year Orion has just risen over the eastern horizon. I can see the Pleiades pretty high up in the ESE direction and from there I should find Orion easily by going down and to the left.
Lately, no such luck. No Orion at 8 pm. Not at 9 either.
I can see the Pleiades so clearly but Orion is just not where it’s supposed to be. And Gemini is missing as well.
I stand there, looking at the eastern sky, trying to find any sign of Orion at all. Maybe it’s not high enough yet? But considering the position of the Pleiades I should be able to see at least the top part of it, you know, Betelgeuse at least, it’s pretty easily recognizable. But nada.
I went out several nights a few weeks ago but Orion was seriously missing. Yes, and Gemini.
A few hours later though, around midnight, Orion was so incredibly visible in the southern sky. It was so visible by this time that it was actually hard to notice anything else around it.
In any case, I was satisfied at that time that it had merely been too close to the horizon earlier for me to see it.
So, all is peachy.

Then, just a few days ago I noticed something funny about the moon. I don’t remember the exact time, but I think it was around 3-4 am when I looked out and saw the moon in the WSW position of the sky.
At 8 am (yes, it was still darkish. Sweden, remember?) I was getting ready to head to the store when I notice that the moon was still in the exact same position! Why hadn’t it moved for several hours?

So. Have I lost my last marble? Is the Earth dancing a different dance?

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