Cheetah dodge Elk Hog! (Or: The great meltdown)

Such a relief! That Elk Hog is one fierce beast! Not unlike its distant cousin the hedgehog.

Not to worry, I haven’t lost that beautiful mind of mine, not quite. OK, some of it, but I remain hopeful it will be found the next time I’m in a Texaco station. Which will be a while because the Texaco stations in Sweden were taken over by Preem in 1997 in what I can only assume was a bloody and merciless coup in which limbs were flying everywhere.
Yes, I concede, the whole mind might be lost, but in my defense I have also slept 6 hours total in the last 3 nights. So there.
No, this isn’t a real post. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m actually writing it right now. Perhaps I only think I am but in reality I’m strapped in a bed somewhere being pumped full of haldol and thorazine and whatnot. Just ignore me, OK? Stop staring!
I’m soooo tired….

I have been in terrible need of funny for a while since my world has slowly, but surely fallen into chaos. Monday September 3  is an awful bitch of a day that should NEVER be allowed to happen again. But it’s too soon to talk about that so let’s move on to the funny part.

Cheetah dodge Elk Hog.
That’s an anagram of The Cloaked Hedgehog, yours truly, but perhaps not the most perfect one.
Anagrams, to rearrange the letters in a word or name, has long been thought to reveal its secret meaning.
In some cases the results can be striking, uncanny even. At other times, not so much.
George Bush for example can become He bugs Gore. It can also become Bugger shoe, which is not exactly as interesting somehow…
President Bush of the USA becomes A fresh one, but he’s stupid. Lol! Could it be more perfect?!!
Clint Eastwood= Old West action. I mean, really? I gotta check this one. Well spank my thorny butt, it’s true!
Elvis= Lives. Well, who am I to argue with an anagram?
Ronald Reagan= A darn long era.
Britney Spears= Presbyterians. You’re kidding? Weird.
Marie Osmond= Mormon ideas. No, really?

Well, some anagrams can be very spot on whereas others can be just downright weird.
I used the internet anagram server to see what the secret meaning of my little name could be, but…
Hacked Egged Hotel Ho. I would NEVER hack an egged hotel ho. If she hadn’t been egged, maybe.
Haggled Cheek Hooted. WTF???
Egghead Choked Thole. Who’s Thole? A jock I suspect.
Toad Heckle Hedgehog. Yes, that happens all the time, but it’s not much of an anagram….
Hookah Etched Legged. What does that mean? Is it a hidden warning that some pothead will burn my leg with his hookah? I’m never letting a hippie near my legs again!
Heal Cheek Hotdogged. Yeah, I don’t know but it’s sounds a bit naughty?
Egghead Choked Hotel. Uhm… I didn’t even know hotels were chokeable…
Hmm, the word egghead comes up an awful lot…. Should I be offended? Or honored?

Leaving the anagram mysteries since the true meaning of my name seems to be elusive.
Another thing I’ve been amusing myself with lately is the meme generator.
Ah yes, the sort of amusement only a deranged hedgehog can fully appreciate.
You choose a pic and a caption and woolly mammoth you have made yourself a spanking new meme.
I’m starting to suspect I might need to go to bed soon…but here are some of what this hedgehog has found funny lately

Well, it’s funny if you know Sephiroth…

OK, so now…what? Who are you? The hospital? What hospital? No, wait! Wait I said! There’s no need for any needles! No, I don’t want to put that nice new jacket on, I’m perfectly comfortable in my own! No…This is terribly unorthodox! Get off me! What? They have beds at the hospital? With nice straps so you don’t fall out? OK, OK. I’ll go willingly. But I’m still going to be president, right? Oh good! Can I say good night to my friends? I can? Thanks!
Good night to my friends!

Edit: The Cloaked Hedgehog will be going on a short vacation and might not be heard from in a few days.
Please continue what you were doing and don’t forget to vote for your favorite hedgehog. 


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