So… Swedish Bigfoot after all?

Like I’ve said, I’m nothing if not persistent.
Weeks ago I read comments in an old thread on a Swedish forum making references to some Bigfoot-sightings in Sweden in the 80’s. Generally speaking, Bigfoots have not been a particularly common part of our local fauna, which I wrote about here: Why are there no Bigfoot in Sweden.
Well, finding out more hasn’t been too easy.  Some days I’d sit and google for up to 8-10 hours, finding all sorts of interesting side tracks, but not a damn thing on Swedish Bigfoots. But last night, at long last, I managed to stumble over another thread in that forum where someone was nice enough to also post a working link.
Of course one must end up on an American website to find out what happened around the corner in the 80’s! Gah! But finally I found someone posting the following (without a working link to the source of course, but it’s pretty much the same story as has been published here: Ignore the occasional bad English, I didn’t write it. Except for the commentaries in red.

“Both Ivan Sanderson (Abominable Snowman : legend come to life, Chilton, Philadelphia, 1961) and John Green (Sasquatch : the Apes among us, Hancock House, Seattle, 1978) claim modern sightings ins these countries, with no details. The “Snow walker video”, obtained in 1995 by anonymous Belgian people, would be of Scandinavian origin, according to landscape, trees… but this video is dismissed as hoax by many.
The following has been collected by Jan-Ove Sundberg. I have a little cut down. This area is north of Stockholm just on the north side of 61 north, between the beautiful lake Siljan and coastal city Söderhamn (Guess who lives there?!! Lol!). This is not farm land, but mostly gloomy pine forests (You’re the gloomy one! Don’t you DARE speak ill of my pine forests!), lakes and marshes in the Helsinge woods areas.
It all started in the summer of 1985, when Swedish radio channel P1 reported about strange growls in province of Helsingland.
Two elderly moose hunters described how they had been tracking something big and smelly and finally released their dogs to give chase. “The dogs came back with their tails between their legs and were terrified”, said Karl Johansson from Bollnas.
It had started a couple of month earlier, when a woman who wants to remain anonymous went out to a recreation area at Voxna to clean their family cabin for the waiting summer. After a short while she suddenly heard what she described to me over the phone as “pretty heavy feet moving around outside”. She sensed that this was not your ordinary intruder and actually hid under a bed. “I never saw the creature but when one hour had passed I got up and went outside and then found giant footprints in the garden and around the house”, she told me.
She claims that these footprints measured 45 cm in length and was some 30 cm wide. There was plenty of them but she had no knowledge of making plaster casts and didn´t even consider that option, as the phenomenon of a Swedish Bigfoot never have come up before.
A couple of weeks later two teenage girls were skinny-dipping in a nearby pond when they suddenly heard someone or something moving about in the thick undergrowth on the shore. Teasing and calling the intruder a pervert who spied on nude girls they moved closer and closer towards the shore, planning to surprise or even catch the culprit. Instead something right out of a nightmare suddenly rose up in front of them. Tina, 15, told me : “It resambled an ape but it was uglier and very very large”. Her friend Petra, 16, agreed and say´s that at the same time “a terrible stench” came from the creature, which growled at them pounding it´s chest.
Tina and Petra swam ashore a bit further down, ran through the woods without their clothes and didn´t stop until they were home, a couple of kilometers away. Petra´s father didn´t believe their story but admitted to me that something had given the girl´s a pretty bad scare. “I thought it must have been a bear”, he said on the phone. “There is bear in the area and if this one had a cub on the side it could´ve seen the girl´s as a potential threat”.
The girls themselves, badly whipped by lashing branches, during their hysterical run through the woods, told me they did not see a bear but something far more frightning. “It was like a monster out of a movie and it walked upright on two legs”, Tina told me. “Even if it was ugly it more resambled a man than an animal”.
The area of a possible Swedish bigfoot is extremely inaccessible, even dangerous (Oh geez! It’s not inaccessible or particularly dangerous! You just need boots is all. Wimpy non-viking talk!) except for the part where the cabins are located, with many small lakes and swamps. It´s located just south of Bollnas and cutting right through it is famous Hälsingeleden (EK: the Helsinge trail), a walking path over both lower and higher ground, surrounded by low mountains.
Mrs. Gustavsson and her husband not only saw the Swedish Bigfoot but also heard it several times and even claim they found its droppings. People unfortunately don´t react to this as a cryptozoologist would and consequently they didn´t collect the evidence or take a photo. “It came quite close to our cabin and would kind of howl in the moonlight with a voice that reminded us of a human with a bass, very very deep. We saw it more like a silhuotte against the sky and it never came so close so we could identify it properly”, Mrs. Gustavsson told me. “It was huge,powerful and gave the impression of being primitive but also intelligent”.
She claims it had a whistling sound and at times they would hear what was either an echo or another bigfoot, answering the call. When Mr. Gustavsson investigated the area in daylight he found the new classical, large footprints and also fresh droppings.
“Its droppings reminded me of human excrement and first I thought that it was but they were left in such places a human never would go and I always found it in the area where we had seen this creature”, said Mr. Gustavsson.
The Swedish Bigfoot seems to have stayed in the area for about five years.”

So yeh. It was here, I mean HERE, in Hälsingland/ Helsingia, my back yard, and now it’s gone…
I HADN’T EVEN TURNED 13! How was I to know?
Come back pretty little Bigfoot! All is forgiven!
At least I now know the year and in which local newspaper the original story appeared. I did go to the library today to see if they had Ljusnan newspapers from -85, but since it mostly covers Bollnäs and that area I suppose they’re there. Only our local newspaper was there on microfilm.
Oh well, a trip to Bollnäs might be fun… I mean, Victoria Silvstedt is from there but… I mean, I’m sure that can be fun still… Ugh.

Anyway, in the same thread on the same forum I also found a pic. Super credible(:-P) since the poster said he found it on another forum but didn’t name it… In relation to the pic he or she posted this text, also supposedly from the other forum:

“I walk about 100 meters when it feels like this thing moves beside me (in the dense woods,presumably, based on the pic), at the same time I pull out the cellphone. Just as I get to a clearing two deer run past, and when I snap a picture I catch this crazy shit instead.”

The pic linked to on the forum

At least I will link to the thread in the forum I found all this in, even though it’s in Swedish.

Oh well, I’ll keep digging! 🙂


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