Today we are abusing things that are supposed to make us feel better about ourselves. About the world in general.
Romantic comedies, beauty products, copious amounts of food…
And TPTB want us to! They encourage it.
“Because you’re worth it”
It’s a conspiracy theory. The other way around.

This one draws our attention AWAY from the governments and the political situations of the world. It implores us to turn our focus to ourselves, our own well-being.
Subtly it lulls us into a soft reality. Encouraging us to stick our heads in the sand and drift off to sleep, while whispering in our ears “all is well, no one is committing genocide anywhere and greed and pure evil doesn’t rule.”

Through the ads and commercials they are selling us the norm by which they think we should live.
And it’s a really vicious circle. It leads further and further from the truth, from good, from God.
Our egos, our illusionary individualism is definitely not what to focus on when trying to build a better world.
When you focus on yourself and your situation too much you become blind. Not only to the things around you, but you also fail to see what needs to be done in your own life.
It’s like lying face down in the middle of a labyrinth and not being able to see the way out.

No one ever said it was your job to fix all the problems in the world. No one! So stop with the guilt. Don’t escape into this falseness because you feel like you can’t deal with reality. Don’t even feel bad for all the millions of people/ animals suffering.
Feel good for them!
By that I mean, think good thoughts for them, send positive energy into the world.
If the devil rules the world, some people suffer because of it, and the rest of the world adopts a ostrich-like attitude by burying their heads in the sand, or rather the feel-good products, then all the energy input will be negative.
It’s not your responsibility to fix everything, but it’s your responsibility to do what you can. And then you can feel good for the right reasons! 🙂


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