So Queensryche…

I’m so sad about recent news I have read regarding my all time favorite band.

Queensryche has meant so much to me over the years. They are a metal band fro m Seattle with genuine artistic talent and INTELLIGENCE! Their music is just as perfect as, I would say, caramel sauce, because I can’t think of anything better than that, yum, and their lyrics are politically critical as well as spiritually enlightened. Now how often do you see that in a rock band?
The singer, or now ex-singer, Geoff Tate, has been blessed with a set of the most incredible vocal cords known to mankind, expressing every feeling, every sentiment in a song, and he is a marvelous and highly theatrical performer on stage.
But now it seems he’s been left out in the cold. A definitive answer as to why seems to be as hard to find as a good guy in Iowa. (Never mind me, just a little personal passive aggression that slipped out there, I’ll clean it right up…..)

The rumor mill has been working so much overtime I’m expecting a massive explosion shortly! From what I can piece together, this is what MIGHT have happened:
The other four Queensryche members; Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Parker Lundgren apparently wanted to fire singer Geoff Tate, for as of yet unknown reasons. Tate accidentally overheard the others speaking about their plans and allegedly shoved Michael Wilton to the ground and pulled a KNIFE on Scott Rockenfield, threatening him…
Well, if this is true, and if it happens to be a pattern of Tate’s for whatever reason, I suppose I can understand the decision to have him removed. However, people don’t NORMALLY run around threatening people with knives left and right, unless it’s a Tuesday, and I don’t think it was.
Queensryche has now hired a new singer called Todd La Torre and who is also the singer in a band called Crimson Glory. And he’s really a drummer? Or something. Not really clear about that part.
I’d like to completely stay clear of speculation, but my mind won’t let me  just forget about this.

Does Mr. Tate possibly have a drinking problem? If so, he’s hardly alone in that business and there is no shame in it per se, but it needs to be dealt with. And it is no reason for disloyal, shortsighted, forgetful so-called Queensryche fans to start commenting all over the place how Geoff has lost his voice, how he can no longer hit the high notes and blah blah blah… Well, the man is 53 years old and he’s been singing every day for over 30 years! Your voice does change! YOU change! Different does not equal worse.
I had the honor of meeting Geoff once back when I was young and frighteningly blonde, and he was absolutely wonderful! I’m going to stick by him no matter what!

Me and Geoff Tate back in ’95 or something.
Geoff still looks great as you can see on the right. Me, not so much… 😛

I went to YouTube to check out this La Torre guy, fully intending to hate him. However, that turned out to be quite impossible. The man sounds EXACTLY like Geoff! I can’t believe there are TWO of them in the world! And what are the odds of Queensryche, or Rising West, as they now call themselves, managing to snag them both?!?! (Need one of those interrobangs here… What is that you say? Well it’s one of the most useful new punctuation! Read more about it on an interesting blog here.
Now I really need to stop it with these parentheses !

Anyway, I leave you with some wonderful Queensryche songs from the good ol’ days, as well as a sample of what Todd La Torre can do!

Queen of the Reich, the original
Suite Sister Mary
Anybody Listening?

Queen of the Reich, Todd la Torre vocals


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