The Sounds, part 2. Introducing Bluebeam

OK…. The sounds are really starting to get to me…

What the heck are they?

They scare me, but at the same time I keep the conspiracy theory Project Bluebeam in mind.

Supposedly, Project Bluebeam is an attemt on a HUGE scale by the New World Order to take over the world and have the antichrist rule it. In short. More information here:

So, if they want us to believe an alien invasion/ the rapture is near, they are doing a very good job at it!



Listen to some more sounds:


If Bluebeam is real, that could explain a lot! The technology that exists today would certainly make it possible.

It might even explain all the crazy, paranormal things going on today. Even the BEK (Black-eyed kids) phenomenon, that has puzzled me greatly.

It would explain all the latest massive increase in UFO sightings. Every day there are new sky…things… They don’t look like UFO’s are supposed to look at all anymore. Just strange light anomalies.

May be worth keeping Bluebeam in mind in the future. Not be overwhelmed by things…



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