Black Eyed Kids

Time to get down to business.
BEK’s, for lack of a better name have rattled the very core of me since the first time I heard about them.
These are (usually) kids, around 8-15 years old, which seem to seek people out and ask to be allowed entry into their homes, or in at least one case, car.
The scary thing about these kids is not so much their general appearance, but their demeanor. And, of course, their completely black eyes. No whites, no shine. Like two black holes…
People having these encounters often talk about experiencing a feeling of dread, primal fear.

When reading these stories I often notice how inattentive people are. Many want to dismiss these stories for reasons that make no sense at all if you actually read it.
“Some people have black eyes”.

Sure, some have next to black irises, but the sclera, the white of the eye, would not also be black then.
“There are sclera lenses these days that some kids and people with certain medical conditions are using”

True. Expensive sclera lenses exist, I have seen pictures of them, but they are shiny, not matte. Not like black holes that absorb all light.
Also, in some of the cases, the eyes are not black the entire time. Sometimes they start off looking normal, only to go into “evil mode” at a certain time.

I have no idea what these things are. I’ve read all kinds of debates on the subject, heard all sorts of theories, but even with all those parts I still don’t have enough to piece it together.

These are some of the many, many encounters with BEK’s, as well as some articles debating the subject:

For even more stories, just google “Black eyed kids”

There is also an excellent book out on the subject I hear, (not having been able to get it yet because the shipping to Sweden is expensive, and as I have said, I’m pretty much constantly broke…) called ”Black Eyed Children” by David Weatherly.

So, since I don’t know what these things are, I would advice distance.
Whether you believe or not, don’t ever, EVER invite any strange kids in who knock on your door late at night…


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