Thought forms manifested?

Now this is something I have been, if not really worrying about, then at least pondered for a few years now.
If you can visualize it, does it get created?


In Tibetan Buddhism we read about tulpas and how powerful they can actually become.
Is this a myth only, or can we, theoretically, create a physical manifestation of our thoughts?

I don’t believe that just any stray thought that happens to run through our minds will manifest itself physically. I believe concentration is needed, intent. At least to create a tulpa.
Quite possibly I also think that such things as habitual thinking, such as a constant pessimistic or aggressive attitude, builds up, if not thought FORMS, then at the very least a kind of dark, low energy, that spreads thoughout the world.
But tulpas are very different in nature. They are individual entities, with an ability to think and act of their own accord in some cases.
A puke or trollhare was a sort of tulpa that the Swedish witches of old created. As far as tulpas go, this one was very simple. Created to do the witch’s bidding.
Philip, the ”created” ghost, is a classic case of a tulpa. A collective thought form created by the concentrated visualization of a group of Canadian parapsychologists.


Now, Every now and then, more often than you might think, sightings of pterodactyls and other prehistoric-looking avians are reported. Now how is that possible? The last pterosaur died out 65 million years ago!
Well, one cannot help but glance a bit funny at cinematic creatures such as Mothra, Mothman, and their ilk. Wondering if perhaps a few movie-goer’s imagination were triggered to such an extent that, they, possibly involuntarily manifested what they visualized?


A most crucial factor.
Some people say that if you don’t believe it, it doesn’t exist.
Person A might believe in fairies and he sees them in his garden late at night.
Person B believes in no such thing as fairies, and therefore he can’t see them. They do simply not exist in his reality.
Is that possible?
Could it be that belief in and of itself makes phenomena manifest?
Or is it that belief opens up another frequency where these things exist?
Is that also this way with tulpas in that case? Is it the process of intense, concentrated visualizing, that leaves no room for doubt, that opens up another frequency, a door, and allow something access to our realm?

On the other hand, it does occasionaly happen that an ardent non-believer has his own undeniable paranormal experience, which may alter his or her views on reality for life.
Now what happens there?
If they don’t believe, how did they open up the frequency?

Do they, possibly, fear paranormal phenomena? And if they do, musn’t they on some level believe?
Then, to simplify, if confronted with a paranormal phenomena that scares you, is it then enough to close your eyes and refuse to believe what you saw to make it go away?

The inquisitive collective

Now I’m not the only one who seems to have nothing better to do than to ponder these questions.
The reason I chose this topic to blog about today were the recent similar posts I found on blogs that I follow.

I don’t believe in the red pill. I don’t believe MOST of us are truly able to completely break the connection with the collective, the matrix. I don’t think it’s a question about pills at all.
I see it more as an umbilical cord that connects us to the collective and try as we might, I don’t think we can do much more than create some tears into that cord. Not while we’re alive anyway. We can partially sever it, but never completely.
IF any human beings have been able to do that in history, they can’t be more than a handful.
So if many of us are thinking the same thing right now, I gotta wonder, are we really thinking this because we have been able to separate ourselves enough from the matrix to be able to think freely? Or are we thinking this because we are still attached enough to the collective to have been ”updated” this way.

Red pill…. Hmm. Do they really work?

Seriously, don’t trust anyone! Not even yourself!


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