The study of hidden animals. The search for animals whose existence has not been proven.
Mmmmm. Yummy! Me like!

The early days
I don’t know what it is, but I devour every report of cryptid sightings I can find! The first ones I read about were those story book type monsters. In Sweden we believe, at least in the past, in trolls and gnomes, sprites and little people.
Yes, those are all lovely and nice, but my interst was really triggered for real the first time I read about Mothman when I was 11-12.

The Mothman

Ooooooooooooooo………… scared I was! How unfamiliar this was! How absolutely intriguing!

What were those things? Were they really real?

This was the real starting point for me I think. The “normal” world has been explored by billions of people since the dawn of man. How explored have the other worlds been?

There are so many reported cryptids sightings that of only one percent of them are true, that still leaves tons of unanswered questions.

Common cryptids

Bigfoot, the most “common” cryptid. Real or not? I believe it is. I believe a lot of reported sighting might have been of bears or some other known animal, but after everything I have read in my days, there exists no doubt in my mind that these guys are real. At least as real as you and I, whatever that means.
What the bigfoots (bigfeet??) are remains to be answered. For a while there I thought they might be some interstellar travellers, since UFO reports are common in areas with bigfoot sightings.
I don’t believe that any more. At least I don’t believe that’s the sole explanation.

According to old wiccan and pagan beliefs, there are elemental spirits. Representative of the four elements they work for nature, to simplify matters.
Could cryptids be elementals?

And werewolves
Now is there anything more scary and absolutely fascinating??
I mean, they are human, AND wolf! In one!
Unfortunately they are often portrayed as much less scary in movies than they really are. In films they often tend to look like sad dogs with various deformities that the other dogs most likely picked on them for, and this is a tragedy indeed.
Werewolves will never get the respect they truly deserve if people don’t start depicting them in a more realistic manner!
First of all, what is scary about a werewolf is that it’s a man AND a wolf! Not a big wolf! They should clearly have features from both species or the creeped out feeling of “something unnatural” will not be triggered.

Werewolves have been with me even since before mothman and other cryptids. They seem to fit the Swedish climate, in the sense that they seem as plausible in the pitch black darkness of the winter as they do during those summer months of perpetual twilight.

In America there have been, and still are, sightings of The Beast of Bray Road and The Michigan Dogman.
The undisputed expert on these subjects is a woman called Linda Godfrey, who has written several books about the sightings of these creatures. She also has a site well worth visiting here.

Thunderbirds, pterosaurs, Ropen and such.
Well, why are people seeing so many animals thought to be extinct?

In the field of quantum physics some theorize that a universe is like an infinite bubble birthing new universes- new limitless bubbles, and time doesn’t exist. Everything is just an eternity of NOW.

Is this why timeslips occur? Are these “birds” somehow falling into this reality because of timeslips? Or are the witnesses the ones who have slipped through time?
Here is a story about a sighting that occurred in 1903 at the Great Salt Lake, and here are a collection of timeslip stories from

In the world of cryptozoology there are so many questions that just beg to be answered.

I’ll be coming back to this subject repeatedly I suspect… 🙂


One thought on “Cryptozoology”

  1. I’m sure you WILL be returning to this subject. It’s simply to HUGE to fit into a single blog. It would be like trying to write a blog about geology… and then you find yourself trying to include every rock in the world.

    Cryptozoology is one of those fields which draws a lot of skepticism. I think you have something there with the thought of “if only one percent of them are true, that still leaves tons of unanswered questions.” And that’s what fascinates me about the area of study. A lot of Cryptozoologists would say, “if you can’t DISPROVE the existence of a creature, than you must accept the possibility it exists.” I’ll go further and say, if you can’t disprove the existence of a creature, then more study is definitely warranted, because there are tons of unanswered questions.

    Speaking of the subject being simply too large to shoehorn into a single blog… how ’bout them skinwalkers? 😉

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